4 definitions by The real Jester

an easy girl you know you can get with or get on.
wow... check her out, she has been with everyone, she's a total funtart!

she was with mike yesterday afternoon and with dave last night, i'm going for it... she's the ultimate funtart.
by The real Jester November 4, 2009
Moral relativism is the philosophy that there are no objective moral standards at any place or any time
Mark:Murder is objectively wrong

John:that's not true sometimes murder is morally justified

John: well in my moral relativism nothing is objectively right or wrong.
by The real Jester August 22, 2016
A narrative where it's conflict lies with characters not recognizing or being oblivious to key information that would resolve the conflict,hence the name "idiot plot" because everyone involved is an idiot.
Tom:Hey have you seen an Uwe boll movie?

Jim:No,but I would like to.

Tom:Don't waste your time his film always contain the Same idiot plot .
by The real Jester August 10, 2016
An individual(who without legal authority) takes the law into their own hands in order to suppress criminal activity with violent tactics
This vigilante act is capitalizing on ceasing crimes faster that the police.
by The real Jester August 6, 2016