A vigilante child dressed as a raccoon. It's Eric Cartman's secret identity. He is Professor Chaos's arch enemy and his rival is Mysterion
there is an animal that lives by night; Searches through trash cans and cleans out the garbage. to clean out the trash of society I've chosen to become more than a man; I am the hero this town needs; I am the Coon!
by coolman222 March 21, 2009
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A Slang Term For Marijuana Originating In Alliston, ON
Yo you got The Coon?
by S_L_I August 4, 2009
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Feeling the need to throw your own race under the bus for gain.
by Gigi1574 July 6, 2020
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A black guy who worships white girls and does not like his own race. A black guy who doesn't/barely claims being black
"Look at that fine dark skin over there"

"Girl no, he's a coon"

"Oh never mind then"
by Alwaysreal000 December 14, 2014
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A term that originated as a general slur, applied to all African Americans,
but now, due to an aggressive internet revolution originating in the mid 2000 teens,
has come to be synonymous with "Uncle Tom," "sellout," and other such brandings.

Uncle Tom sellout cornball brother
First Guy: "That Tommy Sotomayor certainly finds any excuse to insult and berate African American women." Doesn't that coon realize that his own mama is a black woman?!?"
Second Guy: "He doesn't care. Coons have no self respect, nor any respect for their people."
by Carsonisking February 27, 2017
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To Coon it in
To Coon it in:

Is a construction term used when an item or material has been installed prior to your works, meaning you need to rip tear smash and bust any object in your way. At no time do you care about others and their shit, thus the item has been Coon in, The cost will be bared by anyone but yourself as you will be long gone when the other feltcher revisits the area.
by Coond installation November 25, 2010
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"Consciousness of the Opressor Operating inside the Negro"
- Dr.Umar Johnson
' We don't need reparations' - a coon
by lolbye99 December 9, 2021
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