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The worst school program on the face of the earth, that is SUPPOSED to prepare us for IB.. but makes us waste time doing meaningless projects and writing crap about the areas of interaction.. that we will NEVER benefit from in life..

Also a very stressful program filled with projects, tests and 13 fucking subjects to manage all at once..

Even PE is assessed!

As defined by nadine shami : MYP = My.. Worst Life!
by Sylva S May 22, 2006
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MYP is like taking a bag full of concrete and smashing it into student faces. Students already have tons of projects and test and homework......SO LETS ADD MORE-said MYP
by MYP crusher 3000 April 21, 2016
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SHIT filled projects to make us students even more stressed out. We already have classes with test and projects and homework SO LETS ADD MORE FUCKING WORK FOR KIDS TO DO (MYP thinks they are smart)....(everyone else thinks they are retards)
by MYP crusher 3000 April 21, 2016
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I what to MYP
When a White guys penis turns purple from over use.
by March 19, 2018
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the worst fucking middle school year program ib is like: let's add more to the kids in every school. let's add more fucking projects to the kids. ib is like we are dickheads for doing this and they are. even pe is fucking assessed it became to electronical education from physical education.

MYP = fucking trash another meaning disgrace another meaning no ones happy
myp hhh
via giphy
by im stupid in life October 15, 2019
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