Cris is a sweet boy he knows how to treat a girl right ;) cris is cute he always have sum funny to say. He is a jealous bf when it comes to relationships but cris would never hurt a girl physically or mentally Cris is one of a kind. Also he loves weed.
by Cristopher Sanchez November 28, 2018
Someone who is loyal to all of his friends. Who always has something funny to say. Someone who can always give you some great advise. You should be very proud to be with friends with a Cris. He has a sexy smile and his big tan arms are the best place to be. He is an amazing man and deff the best husband ever! He has the greatest personality ever and is very fun to be around!
Woah did you see that super amazing awesome guy walk down the hall?!" "Yeah dude that's Cris
by the best wife ever June 6, 2011
-Hates being called Chris
-When he loves you, he loves you with all his heart. Absolutely nothing less than 100%. Even if you don't like him
-Thinks he has to control everything: his mind, his actions, what others think of him
-Loves his chest hair
-Dark sense of humour
-Extremely intelligent
-His flexes can turn you on
-Loves adventures and always tries something new every time.
-Shares his secrets with very selective people
-Can never say no to alcohol
-Has eyes that have a story to tell
-An amazing boyfriend to have. Though a little emotionally distant, he will try to be there for you with all his heart
-Perfectly paired with a Michelle, or a Jessica. Or a Sarah.

-Never let him go
Eg. 1: I never thought it was so hard to pull off a Cris

Eg. 2:
Girl1: OMG, he's so cute. So you think he'll talk to me?
Person 2: He'll be a little shy at first, but if he likes you, you cannot cannot get anyone better
Girl 1: How do you know?
Person 2: I know him. He's a Cris
by KhaleesiIsMe March 22, 2019
If you dont get outa my face ima bring the pimp hand of cris
by big fred6999 May 16, 2011
A cris is someone who is a really funny but also a really mean guy. He will always be by your side even when things get bad. Cris is one of those guys you can fall in love with and never forget about them.
An example for a cris is a fun loving guy
by Desperate4love April 5, 2019
A beautiful name for a smart girl! Cris is short for Cristabelle.
A short name for The finest all champagne's.
Someone who courageous,beautiful,kind,and gives her heart and soul.
Sipping on some Cris
We need a Crisat this party
Cris is one cool chick
Bringsome Cris
heart and soul definesCris
by Supersecret February 10, 2014
Cris is Melvin’s boyfriend, well because they are Mooks and they tickle dicks.
Cris your a Mook ya Mook
by Fat baby Jenkins April 19, 2020