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Vienna International School
The place where you go to to get two diplomas, MYP and IB, the first diploma doesn't let you get a job anywhere and the second diploma only makes your chance to get into a university slimmer.
Also, it is known for having the most spoiled, self-loving and privileged students, full of teachers who don't care about the students and a lot of money laundering staff.
You are known as a cunt if you go to this school.
VIS student: Hey
Girl: Yo, whats up
VIS student: Nothing, could I get your number?
Girl: Sure, what school you go to?
VIS student: VIS
Girl: .... bye....

VIS student: Fuck VIS
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A polish 9mm semi-automatic handgun manufactured from 1935 to 1945.

Designed in 1930 by weapon innovator Piotr Wilniewczyc, with the help of Jan SkrzypiƄski, the Vis (latin for "force", originally called WiS as an acronym of the creators' names, also known as Model 35) was based on the american Colt M1911, but had several technical differences which improved it's accuracy and stability, gave it good ergonomics and a firm grip, while keeping it reliable after over 6000 shots. It was widely considered one of the best firearms of the period today.

It was originally produced in the Radom Arms Factory. After the successful invasion of Poland in World War II, the germans continued it's production, but moved part of the assembly over to a factory in Austria (and finally the entire process in 1944) fearing that the polish underground resistance could smuggle the Radom produce. Actually they made their own from smuggled spare parts and widely used them during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. After Poland came under soviet dominance the production of the Vis was halted and they were replaced by greatly inferior russian TT-33's.
Though a rarity, they are still prized by collectors to this day.
by The Crying Dutchman July 27, 2009
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To say some thing False......
The word used to point out a clear lie....
Jody: "yeah I sucked off yo man at the party"
Jason: "thats vis, my brother is only 7"
by Jason Hightower aka J-kid August 08, 2003
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