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The third album from the wonderful band "Twenty øne piløts"
"Did you buy their album vessel?"
"Yeah! I love it!"
by THE POOR master June 27, 2016
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A body a spirit possesses for some purpose.
Lex was the vessel for Zod.
Kyle was the vessel for the antichist.
by Adrian October 02, 2006
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pot, weed, dank, mota, cannabis sativa, reefer, herb, et cetera
Yo wassa mutha! Ima smoke summa dat vessel up in this hurr joint. Yaya fo'.
by theMadHatter May 01, 2006
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1.) Is a (personal) water craft that can endure waves handedly so.

2.) Those arteries mapped throughout your body being internally caked with gunk from the chemistry experiments you intake and regard as food; or possibly by aid of exercise are building and networking around defects thereby increasing circulation to that shell encased 'nut' of yours used for thinking.
1.) The captain of that vessel must be deaf in one ear because he can't navigate into the harbor in this pea soup fog.

2.) I bet his forearm has more vessel exposed than your fat ass.
by djsee4 February 20, 2009
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