slang for Marijuana; also, the name of a song by The Offspring
"man, we've got some good mota tonight!"
by Metaka February 2, 2003
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1. mota literally means speck.

2. And used in spanish slang to mean marijuana.

- Other words for marijuana

cesped (rarely used)
1. mota de polvo (a speck of dust)
2. te gusta mota? (literally, does marijuana please you? Relaxed, do you like marijuana?)
by Don Osito October 24, 2006
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(vulgar) Panamanian slang for female genitalia i.e. pussy. Means the same as micha.
Ayer me fui a poner un piercing en la mota (I got my pussy pierced yesterday)
by mardidox December 3, 2011
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Used in many Indian languages to mean fatty (masculine) or moti (feminine).
"Bohat mota hai"

He's really fat.
by pbiwan August 22, 2011
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the mexican name for weed, smoked primarily by jaime from SVHS
"jaime smoked some mota, his own last name"
by james wedge July 26, 2006
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is used as "fatty" often used by Pakistanis.
"oi, come here mota"
"ur such a mota"
by y u m m y March 9, 2019
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