the newest valorant agents who works for telstra and likes elephants. He also loves to scam people
by memealert007 October 25, 2022
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To have. Usually refers to a male's genitalia.
"I hear Josh is harboring a 12-incher"
by Beardedkeer August 16, 2011
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When three or more United States Marines gangbang a Japanese chick.
GENERAL: Private VanHorn, why the fuck are you late to formation?
PRIVATE: Sorry sir! Major Propnuts, Captain Silverbars and I were giving Hiroki a Pearl Harbor until 4AM!
GENERAL: Carry on, Private.
by Mustache Cano March 18, 2010
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Local female from Belfast Maine who hangs out at the lookout and under the bridge with the warf rats. Easily recognizable by the large stature and scent of Allens Coffee Brandy and Whole Milk. Usualy known to be moraly loose and lose wait rapidly once they discover injectible opiates
Most patrons at the Look Out Pub and all patrons of the former Club 132 are examples of a Harbor Hog
by notgonnadoit December 30, 2010
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Har'bor hog - noun

An overweight human female searching for gratis sex from inebriated patrons with impaired vision in second rate bars, particularly dives in quaint seaside towns and villages along coastal Maine.
"She ain't nothing but a harbor hog." said Al.
by Mr.Blore August 28, 2005
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A term favored by boating novices instead of the more widely-known designation of marina.
Chester, if you're looking for the nearest "yacht harbor" on that chart, you'll run out of fuel before you find one. You'd better look for a marina.
by aloha27 January 21, 2010
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A specific form of gangbang, wherein a woman assumes the starfish position whilst being waylaid by four Dutch hikers.
"I am so sore, guys!"
"From all the hiking in Acadia?"
"No, from the Harbor Bar I enjoyed right after!"
by HarborBaring July 6, 2013
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