the best girl in the world, she always has ur back even if ur wrong, shes lovable but has a bitchy side that u learn to see past, shes beautiful but thinks shes ugly, the best friend a person could ever ask for:)
Guy 1: Who's that hot blonde chick sitting over there.
Me: That's my best friend, Lex, dont talk to her unless u plan on sticking around...or ur gunna wake up at the bottom of a reallllyyyyy deep hole.
by (secretlyawsome) September 3, 2011
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A beautiful, precious female who is adorable in every way
Lex is perfect
by Alex uwu December 1, 2018
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Known especially for their uncontrollable humor, Lex are hard to come by. Being such rare specimens of attractivity, Lexs tend to naturally seduce many creatures of the opposite sex. A Lex is often very musically inclined, with percussion coming as easily as riding a bike. (Well, in a Lex's case, riding a bike might not come so know, coordination.)
If you meet a Lex, you'll probably notice a few things. They typically have an extreme fascination with puns and pranks. Also, a Lex might refuse to break certain habits, such as buttoning a shirt from the top down instead of from the bottom up. (This causes issues when trying to put the shirt on correctly...the buttons almost always go in the wrong buttonholes.) All these little characteristics add up to make a Lex the most adorable, lovable creature imaginable.
Boys, you better hold on to your girlfriends, because all the ladies are flocking to those blond haired wonders called Lexs.
Katy Perry: "Who's that stunner? Is that WILL SMITH?!"
Bodyguard: "No..that's...that's....holy snapple, it's a Lex!"
Katy Perry: "CAN I HAVE YO NUMBER??! Please, please, I hear you're really good at banging...the drums!"
by thegirlfriendDUH March 15, 2011
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Lex is a type of person who stands out but is really unnoticed and who you would find alone and away from the crowd
Why is lex all alone
by I speak for the tress May 14, 2019
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Lex. A wonderful man. Strong, kind, handsome, caring, loving, brave, perfect, intelligent, so much more. Lex is the absolute best in bed. Usually a Scorpio. Dark and sophisticated. Sexy and will steal your heart, or your girl. Best man you’ll ever have. Example of a dark angel.
Girl: You’re so attractive😍
Guy: Thank you. My names Lex.
by mandypady100 November 20, 2018
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My lex is the best car ever.
by Pusuk April 6, 2003
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A guy who when high, drunk, and twisted will repeat the phrase "ya hear me?" after every sentence.
Lex says, "Come on bro smash that ass, ya hear me?"
by Engine Jay January 5, 2014
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