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1.) Channeling subconscious voices hidden behind the real message to determine if the transmitter is telling the truth or simply lies and propaganda with a means to an end; usually your demise.
2.) Filtering noise and misleading examples to boil down the truth because this type of person believes in coded and hidden meanings sort of like a detective solves mystery; like smith of all trades.
1.) The burgess subliminal mind fuck consists of being worked to death and taxed for life.
2.) The proletariat subliminal mind fuck has more carrot sticks than bugs bunny. "I am Elmer Fudd." -djsee4
by djsee4 September 29, 2010

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When a full bodied gal gives me a BJ and kisses me my load where I proceed to give her an oral vaginal injection with my straw curled tongue shooter.
That lady in the 4 inch stilettos really needs a snowball sandwich.
by djsee4 July 26, 2011

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Any of the famous USAF flight destined UAV electronic GPS guided ICBM (Intercontinetal Ballistic Missile) breed remote launch vehicles chosen to carry an array of selection given size of long distance targets within range from air, sea or land based systems. One zombie weapon may carry one dozen war heads at a time if necessary to destroy multiple local targets.
Afghan and Pakistani Al-Queda forces found a new secret hideout to plan terror and the US has the remote location coordinates and meeting time decides to resort to zombie weapons to spoil the party. BOOM! BANG!
by djsee4 February 11, 2010

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In reply to the most overused definition how you are expected to believe life itself is a bigger virus than hiv that they insist means aids.... so here i go: when the aliens discovered an empty planet name (read following) home they decided the only logical thing to do was take a big brown chunk and stick a nut of neptunium in it and say by the time I get away I already created a single cell that replicates into a retard known as two opposite sexes that never stop fucking like rabbits the Aliens knew would exist several eons later.
1.) If they created LIFE what the hell is neptunium?
by djsee4 September 26, 2011

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1.) Any transportation device that consumes petrol and hauls you cargo.
2.) General Purpose (GP) vehicles that can assist if and when natural disaster occurs.
1.) Mom took the fuel mule to the grocery store and brought home food.
2.) I sure hope my neighbors have a fuel mule because when the shit hits the fan I'm fucked.
by djsee4 February 26, 2009

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What happens when the back arrow of the desired Internet browser doesn't work. It's too late to K.I.S.S. because you already made your decision. Now you have to retrace your line of thought.
1.) I did a too quick click and tried to use the back arrow only to find my previous page was untraceable.
2.) I didn't have the foresight to make sure clicking the mouse was my best decision; I made a too quick click.
by djsee4 April 16, 2009

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gettin' it on in the truck bed like have sex style
If you'd like to fuck in the truck bed let's call it fruckin'.
by djsee4 December 14, 2013

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