Funloving. Willing to try anything once. A great friend and a wise storyteller.

Just about one of the greatest people you will ever meet.
I cant beleive I actually met a real Verne!
by bawhahahahahahaha May 25, 2011
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Definition="The Chosen One":
Also used to describe "Perfection".

Derived from the latin word meaning "Excellence"
The name Vernon symbolizes "Safety" in the Greek vocabulary, and was often used to describe someone who had traveled many miles to accomplish phenomenal feats.
Some cultures actually called their Gods Vern.

Common names associated with Vernon= Greg
That picture is Vern.
Your shaping up to be a real Vern by getting straight A's at school.
My life is perfect... I'm finally 100% in Vern!
by Heart and brain October 1, 2013
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Refering to the 2nd main campus at GWU.
"-Dude I got fucked this year for housing, i'm in the shenley
-Thats nothing, they booted my ass to the vern."
by Jeff March 15, 2005
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An extremely well endowed man that is well versed in pleasing a women. A pimp, mac or casanova that knows his way around the female sexual experience.
by DrWho4 August 1, 2008
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1. To be rendered inoperable generally by reason of gross incompetence, dereliction, or ineptness.
Our computer network has been completely verned ever since Steve took over.
by Atlas` September 18, 2011
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The act of committing to plans made with other individuals and then proceeding to bail on said plans without a reasonable excuse.
Friend 1: hey guys where's Johnny, he's supposed to be here by now?

Friend 2: oh you know him, he's probably verning again
by yyc28 November 19, 2014
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