To continue; to go ahead and carry out a task, particularly with enthusiasm

Origin: Portadown and maybe other parts of Co Armagh.
PhD student: Shall I repeat the experiment with a higher enzyme concentration?
Supervisor: Yip. Bail on.
PhD student: Okies. Dead on.
by UrbanBiochemist October 31, 2011
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To leave in a rush or abruptly with great urgency
I gotta bail on you guy's , my lady is coming home soon.
by Old school bossman September 18, 2020
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To kiss a girl then never talk to her again.
Beckett Bradstreet bailed on me after he kissed me. - Vanessa
by _sashimi_ February 16, 2019
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Verb: fail to show up for an important date, ditch someone

2.making up bull excuses inorder to get out of trouble or serious situations.
1.'Hey, did you meet up with Jack?'
'no, the jerk bailed on me.'

2.'gosh, i really needed to talk to her but she bailed on me!'
by Anti_Social October 02, 2005
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To leave a group of friends, social gathering, or other such event with little or no warning or reason why. To bail.
Dude, I can't believe you're bailing already. It's not even midnight!
by J. Wolf April 16, 2005
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