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This guy from seventeen that every carat loves and even If you don't bias him,you bias him. He Is also a walking meme.
Vernon is the reason why I am alive
by Hungryhansol November 17, 2018
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One of the most amazing men on the planet. A true friend in time of crisis and a horrible enemy to anyone who harms someone he cares about. Vernon is a true gentleman, always putting others before himself. Heart of gold, even if it's been broken before
Friend a: Hey, you know that guy Vernon?

Friend b: Hey yeah!

Friend a: he saved a kitten from a fire.

Friend b: Doesn't supprise me. Vernon is awesome like that.
by FiraTripstheDancer December 09, 2008
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A place in northern new jersey where you can buy a lot of pot. it is famous because they say heroin is the drug of choice for northern new jersey but its hard to find anything but pot in vernon. actually, if you go down town and ask random people for pot, they might actually just give it away. i know cause ive had this happen to me. its also easy to get alot of ecstasy around here...
"hey random thug on the streets of vernon... do you have any pot?"

"hells yeah, want some?"

"why sure kind stranger!"
by Smokey McPot March 28, 2005
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A small snowboard-bum town in Sussex County, NJ. Its on the top of New Jersey. It has two ski resorts: Mountain Creek and Hidden Valley. There's lots of Pot, usually selling for around $20 for one G. Im sure someone will let you try some for free though. Vernon has a population of 25,000 people. The halls of vernon high school reek of pot everday. Some people think they are cool and they call it "v-town".
Dude, im going to Vernon to get hi and go snowboarding!
by Vernon Local October 27, 2005
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Vernon is a place in Sussex County of Northern New Jersey where kids think they are the toughest shit. 4/3 people smoke pot in Vernon and think nothing of it, using words they made up such as "toke", "bos", "dank", "derb", "beat", and "scrounge". There are almost as many people who snowboard as there are who "token bos tos that dank weed" in Vernon. For every 25,000 people in Vernon, there is 1 African American. Vernon has 25,000 people in it.

Some people think Vernon is the coolest shit because it features hit hang out places such as "The Flats" and "The A&P". Some also think they are B.A.M.F.'s because they get up in class and say "You know what homie, i don't give a FUCK yo this shit is just siiiick." and walk out of the class to 'toke some grass' in the bathroom and go home to their failure parents.

There are 4 kinds of people in Vernon: Bosers, Tokers, Not blacks, and Whites. Leaks from government intelligence suggest they will use nuclear missiles on the town of Vernon so that the stupidity and 'really dank weed' doesn't spread to anywhere else.
Yo, broseph, wanna come over my house and token bos tos that green grass dank weed yah?

Hey, I just went to Vernon and I lost all dignity.

Person 1: Woah, did you see that?
Person 2: No, what was it?
Person 1: I think it was a black!
Person 2: Shut the fuck up, everyone knows there's no niggers in vernon
Person 1: Oh Person 2, you're such a funy guy. I don't know what I'd do without you.
Person 2: You'd probably bos tos toke yo.

by rish sorce December 24, 2008
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