Cute and beautiful brown-haired girl , who's kind of a quiet girl in the beginning, but when you're alone with her she's a sex God. She'll show you her body and you won't be able to resist.
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this is all correct = except it was The Shamen - not the Prodigy
by pete July 15, 2003
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very amazaing, also can be used to discribe someone smart intellegent and pretty.
omg, the met's played vera today!
i can't get my mind off maria man, she's just, so vera!
i don't c y u don't wanna go out with Katy, she's vera.
by BLACK PANSEY1322 July 05, 2007
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n. truth. British slang derived from Latin. See words verify, veritable, etc.
I'ma give you the vera, mate.
by Digs March 31, 2004
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rhyming slang for cigarette papers.
vera lynn's.
" got any Vera lynn's?" 'skins'
by polip-boy September 02, 2003
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