Vera's - cockney rhyming slang for skins. A well known expression for the cigarette papers used to make a marijuana joint.

Name derived from Vera Lynn, the famous British singer who entertained the troops during WWII.
Toss me the Vera's and I'll skin up a fat one!

Fuck it, I've run out of Vera's! Lets get the bong stoked up.
by Boocher January 17, 2012
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Non existing gilfriend, Norm's wife on Cheers that you never get to see.
Can't hang out with you guys, gotta meet the new girlfriend.
- Tell Vera I say hi.
by vera April 19, 2005
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a fucking bitch who doesn't curve her Spanish tests and screws over her entire class with projects assigned over school vacations.
Hey who's your Spanish teacher?
It's Vera....
Fuuuck bro you're screwed
by Fudgynuggets April 12, 2017
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vera is the one of most amazing ppl that you will ever meet. vera will always be there for you in your highest high and your lowest low. you can count on vera every second of every day. vera will always talk to you even if she needs someone to talk to. vera always puts others needs before her own. if you befriend a vera it is very easy to become her bestfriend but when you become her bestfriend you will never want to lose her. vera is one of the most beautiful ppl you will ever meet she is so pretty and perfect you will almost always learn to love her.
kya: omg is that vera she’s so pretty i heard she’s rly nice no wonder she has so many friends.

bella: omg i know just look at her she looks so sweet.
by iminlovewithurmom June 02, 2020
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"Dude, did you see the Anal Cherry Video made by that Scarlett Vera last night? It is by far the best next to the squirting candy cane one." "I dont know man, the Midget and Sheltie Pony is my favorite."

"Did you see Cosby holding Scarlett Vera in a headlock in the parking lot?" "Yeah, it looked like he was burping, I don't get that weird shit they do in Utah."
by Eus095884 January 01, 2019
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The most delicious and addicting drink of all time.
Molly: Yo, Jimmy do you want some of my aloe vera?
Jimmy: What? I thought that was a plant.
Molly: No it's the most delicious drink of all time. Here try some.
Jimmy: Damn. That's the most delicious drink of all time.
by mylenaurelie March 13, 2018
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