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A brand of rolling paper, actually called RizLa+ (ree-la-crwa). The name comes from 'Riz', the French word for rice, and Lacroix, meaning 'The cross'.

'Riz' comes from the fact that the paper is made from rice, and 'Lacroix' is the surname of its creator, Pierre de Lacroix. The paper was originally intended for rolling tobacco but is much more widely used by marijuana smokers today.
|= Rizla types =|

Regular size papers:

Regular size papers are 70 mm long.

Green Regular:

According to Rizla, this is the most popular rolling paper in the UK, Green Regular is a medium weight, cut-cornered paper.

Red Regular:

Red Regular is a medium weight paper, its corners are not cut.

The cardboard packaging for Red Rizla+ is glued and for Green Rizla it is folded under, as of 2007.

Blue Regular:

Blue Regulars are a fine-weight paper, with uncut corners. They are of thinner weight than the Green and Red Rizla varieties.

Silver Regular:

Silver Regular is an Ultra Fine-Weight Paper and is extremely thin. According to Rizla, the Silver Regular paper is 20 micrometres thin as opposed to the thickness of a human hair, which is 50-100 micrometres thick and has a weight per unit area of 12.5 g/m². A normal thick paper is 16-21 g/m².

Orange Regular (Liquorice):

Orange Regular is a liquorice flavored paper.

White Regular:

White Regular is a heavier weight paper, perhaps 25 g/m², but is also perforated, allowing a greater degree of air flow.

King Size papers:

Rizla King Size papers are 1 dm in length and significantly wider than the regular size. King Size papers come in two varieties, King Size and King Size Slim, which aren't as wide as the normal King Size papers, but are slightly longer than the standard King Size papers.

King Size Dark Blue:

King Size Regular Papers of the same thickness as King Size Blue Slims except that they don't have any glue.

Other rolling related products:

Rizla also provides filter tubes in a variety of sizes, rolling machines and even rolling boxes.
by FadieZ January 03, 2008
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a brand of rolling papers, but sometimes simply means rolling papers in general.
Are those rizla brand rolling papers?
Pass me some rizlas
by j dub March 14, 2003
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A form of currency only recognised in two places: anywhere prefixed with the phrase "HM Prison", or Penge.
"Oi mate, you got a Rizla?"
by OD Smith March 22, 2005
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Roling paper for lose tabaco or joints.

Comes in big (blue= rise paper) and small (orange and blue).

Orange (in slang called 'red RIZLA') should be accompanied with VanNelle 1/2 or Javaanse Jongens 3/4 tabaco.
"Javaanse Jongens three quarter with red
RIZLA please."
by Jacques December 02, 2003
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