A beutiful, sweet, loving, perfect chick who rocks my socks off... and other various articals of clothing;-)
by swamistix@hotmail.com January 08, 2004
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Skins for creating a splif or roll up cigarette. Rhyming slang, Vera Lynn = skin
Got any veras mate, im gasping for a roll up.
by Rich Lawson May 27, 2005
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this is all correct = except it was The Shamen - not the Prodigy
by pete July 15, 2003
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very amazaing, also can be used to discribe someone smart intellegent and pretty.
omg, the met's played vera today!
i can't get my mind off maria man, she's just, so vera!
i don't c y u don't wanna go out with Katy, she's vera.
by BLACK PANSEY1322 July 05, 2007
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Short for Vera Lynn’s. Rhyming slang For skins. Spliff rolling papers. Famously said by The Shamens in their controversial 1992 number 1, Ebeneezer Goode.
Anyone got any Vera’s?”
by Pingking127 August 29, 2020
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n. truth. British slang derived from Latin. See words verify, veritable, etc.
I'ma give you the vera, mate.
by Digs March 31, 2004
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rhyming slang for cigarette papers.
vera lynn's.
" got any Vera lynn's?" 'skins'
by polip-boy September 02, 2003
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