Back in the early 1800s, the British did something called impressment. During the Napoleonic wars, the British considered any ship that traded with the French an enemy. They would steal the supplies and capture the crew. They impressed the crew into the navy for life. These guys would work as sailors for the rest of their lives and never step on dry land again. If they had a wife, the British would bring the wife aboard the ship. If the wife was pregnant, they would place her on the gun deck near the cannons. When she started having contractions, they would fire the cannons to make her push to have the baby. When the baby was born, it was called a son of a gun. This termis is very negative.
Where's your dad, you son of a gun
by Jimfromalabama October 7, 2005
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jocular or jovial term used to describe a naughty friend
oh that son of a gun, he's so cute
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1. An insult
2. A word used bewteen friends
1. you damn son of a gun!
2. Wassup son of a gun?
by Funk December 28, 2005
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If pregnant mothers were on sailing ships, they gave birth above the gun deck. Son of a gun
Surprise or unexpected event or situation.
by J Camardo August 23, 2004
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Son of a gun is an exclamation or a noun in American and British English. Apollo 12 Astronaut Pete Conrad said, upon seeing the Surveyor 3 just prior to touching down on the Moon: "Hey, there it is! There it is! Son of a gun, right down the middle of the road!". It can be used encouragingly or to compliment, as in "You son of a gun , you did it!"

It is claimed that in British naval slang this term refers to a child of questionable parentage conceived on the gun deck, hence 'son of a gun'. However, the term possibly predates this claimed origin, and lists it as being part of the English lexicon since at least 1708.1 It is sometimes claimed that the saying has its origin in the supposed practice of women travelling on board ship and giving birth on a sectioned off portion of the gun deck. For instance, Admiral William Henry Smyth wrote in his 1867 book, The Sailor's Word-Book:2 Son of a gun, an epithet conveying contempt in a slight degree, and originally applied to boys born afloat, when women were permitted to accompany their husbands to sea; one admiral declared he literally was thus cradled, under the breast of a gun-carriage.
edit American English

In American folk idiom (American), this term has similar meaning to the British one, but was derived from military bureaucratic treatment of young enlisted men of uncertain familial background. If a recruit was unable to state his father's name, officers recorded "A. Gun".citation needed
this son of a gun stole my gun and dildoed himself !

son of agun stfu nigger gun!

by doctor pig April 6, 2010
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Back in the 1800's when the "pirate ships" docked at bay the crew would fuck hookers in the gun deck and impregnating the hooker. So when the hooker gives birth to the baby the baby was referred to as a "son of a gun"
you son of a gun
by Mr.Robare April 3, 2009
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mythbusters tested a myth where a man can get shot in the right place and the bullet can go right through him and into a lady on board near by and start the baby making process
son of a gun pregnancy myth
by ejonesss April 18, 2007
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