Mother: what shall we name our child?
Father: Well, he looks like a mad lad, so Vera
by Doeth May 08, 2019
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Cute girl attracted to cute things. Easily gets obsessed and obsessions easily lead to something else entirely.
Vera is totally obsessed with Jot 's hair. She likes the way it shines.
by nyokinyokihotdog October 18, 2011
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Vera Edwards-Sweetest chick I know, I would do anything for her.
She hides the fact that her family is fucked up well, but only a few people know the reasons why she is the way she is.
I love this girl fuck with her I'll kill you.
Through fun times and through sad times I will always be there for this amazing little shrimpy ass photography inspired babe.

Vera takes the best pictures evaaa!

P.S. I will keep submitting this so you might as well approve it now and save us both the trouble.
by FranklinFalconsFTW March 29, 2009
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A very nice girl name.
People who are named Vera are usually chaotic, but funny and cute.

People named Vera are also mostly normal height.
Person A: Hey who’s that nice girl?
Person B: Oh her name is Vera.
by ThatOneRandomDuck March 03, 2021
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From the TV show Firefly, Jayne Cobb's very favorite gun. A Callahan full-bore auto lock, with a customised trigger, double cartridge, and thorough gauge. It is the best gun made by man, in Jayne's opinion.
Mal: Are you offering a trade for a human woman? She has a name!
Jayne: So does this! I call it Vera.
by Browncoat_and_Proud May 09, 2012
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A high school girl with stick straight hair and either one of two outfits. Type A: Yoga pants and an oversized hoodie with $170 Ugg boots (I asked one about the price) or Type B: a low cut top with a short hug your butt skirt and a insane pair of stilettos. And of corse all Vera's has one or more Vera Bradley item. The most popular included the "hipsters" (such a condractary name) and the COLOSSAL shoulder tote.
This particular Vera was Type B with tote. She was clearly bus-bound (Gasp! A Vera riding the bus!?!) I sat in my seat and watched this girl in high heels, mini shirt and a bag the size of a great dane trek through a foot of snow. It was glorious.
by VonFeldt March 14, 2013
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someone who is faithhful and kind. she is extremly funny and cute. everybody falls in love with her as soon as they see her. shes one of a kind
Shes soooo a vera.
by Shikyrrraa May 08, 2011
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