rhyming slang for cigarette papers.
vera lynn's.
" got any Vera lynn's?" 'skins'
by polip-boy September 02, 2003
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a girl that i first talked 2 when i came to u.s.
the super hot spanish chick at MHS she's the coolest step dancer and shes got the best jokes on the planet! VERA ROCKS!!
by u know who February 18, 2005
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A stupidly intelligent girl. With a broken life but always smiling. Always making a joke. She loves food more than anything in the world. Shes great in and out of bed. Is a gold digger. Doesnt mind the haters but can be a hater herself in times. Her life is rough all over, but knows how to make good times and jokes out of it. She has such a stripper body and mind. And knows how to get the men. She loves smoking and drinking. She can be smart and stupid at the same time. All in all Vera is a great person
Guy#1: Woow dude do you think i can pick up Vera
Guy#2: Oh yeah man you so gotta chance shell so dig you
by Vho745 May 19, 2018
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Non existing gilfriend, Norm's wife on Cheers that you never get to see.
Can't hang out with you guys, gotta meet the new girlfriend.
- Tell Vera I say hi.
by vera April 19, 2005
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Vera's - cockney rhyming slang for skins. A well known expression for the cigarette papers used to make a marijuana joint.

Name derived from Vera Lynn, the famous British singer who entertained the troops during WWII.
Toss me the Vera's and I'll skin up a fat one!

Fuck it, I've run out of Vera's! Lets get the bong stoked up.
by Boocher January 17, 2012
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Vera Edwards-Sweetest chick I know, I would do anything for her.
She hides the fact that her family is fucked up well, but only a few people know the reasons why she is the way she is.
I love this girl fuck with her I'll kill you.
Through fun times and through sad times I will always be there for this amazing little shrimpy ass photography inspired babe.

Vera takes the best pictures evaaa!

P.S. I will keep submitting this so you might as well approve it now and save us both the trouble.
by FranklinFalconsFTW March 29, 2009
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Cute girl attracted to cute things. Easily gets obsessed and obsessions easily lead to something else entirely.
Vera is totally obsessed with Jot 's hair. She likes the way it shines.
by nyokinyokihotdog October 18, 2011
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