The best pet you could ever have, always loving, friendly and listens to you when you need him/her. Usually a bunny, or cat, dogs almost always hate Velveteen's (otherwise known as Vel's), and will try to eat and kill them. Having a Vel is often hard while also having a dog, for that dog will try to eat it, but if you manage to protect your Vel you will have the perfect relationship, and a very, very loving, wonderful pet.
"I will protect my Velveteen from my dog named Chaster, at all costs so that I can have an intimate relationship with him forever."
by Jhin, The Virtuoso March 21, 2018
Getting a blow job from a woman or man who has removed a full set of dentures. A toothless blow job.
She removed the set of dentures from her mouth and proceeded to give Jason's cock the best "velveteen rub" it has ever experienced.
by NickInHudson April 1, 2006
Giving oral sex without your dentures in; using your gums
She gave him a velveteen rub, and he immediately left his wife.
by UrbanUser80 October 18, 2018
An all-girl pop/punk/rock band whose lyrics are funny yet non-offensive. They have no talent but are still very lovable due to the fact that they are cute and fun loving girls.
That band is truly Velveteen Muff. They can't play but I still like watching them try.
by Damn Mandy May 17, 2007
When a woman with dentures removes the dentures to perform oral sex on a man. AKA a gum job or gummer.
That trailer trash skank I hooked up with last night popped her dentures out and gave me a velveteen rub!
by manormonkey? February 9, 2009
A subspecies of the entertainment industry's velvet mafia, the Velveteen mafia is comprised of the many gay men (and the occasional lesbian) who work in the field of children's book publishing.

Though not formally organized, these editors, authors, illustrators, art directors, publishers, etc. do tend to huddle together at industry events (making quite the splash) and are known for their wit, style, and general panache around the office...and around town. They are highly influential.

An obvious (and brilliant) mash-up of author Stephen Gaines' term "the velvet mafia" (which he used to describe the in-crowd of Studio 54's heyday) and the title of Margery Williams' classic 1922 children's book, "The Velveteen Rabbit."

Do any straight men work in kids books or are they really all part of the Velveteen mafia?

The Velveteen mafia does not bat for my team, damn it!
by Oliver Buttons December 5, 2007