A term used to describe a person who likes to enjoy themselves
That girl sure is fun loving
by foolish fool March 21, 2005
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A really stupid thing that people say in profiles (and like things) because it is very redundant.
"I'm a fun loving person!"

"That's amazing! I never would have guessed that you would have ENJOYED having FUN!!!!!!!!!!"
by "human" *wink* *wink* December 31, 2013
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1. to be a lover of fun, to enjoy good times

2. More specifically: a dedication and determination to the finding, seeking-out, and participating in enjoyable and exciting times, events, or occurrences. Used in MCAV meetings to determine if Mythical Creatures are meeting sect guidelines. Also used when determining if new and unknown beings can qualify as Mythical Creatures as according to MCAV and MCU guidelines.
1. Sally can be described as silly and fun loving.

2. Vampires are not very fun loving.
by MCAVenthusiast March 22, 2009
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The most ridiculous, pointless, and redundant adjective that has ever existed. More specifically, it's what a lot of uncreative and ignorant incorrigibles use in their personals ad when they can't think of something to say that actually has meaning to it. The definition of fun, is something that is a source of enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure. Therefore, the fact that something fun is enjoyable or pleasurable is built-in to the very meaning of the word. Hence, it is completely redundant and illogical to say "fun-loving". How else is someone going to feel about fun? Fun-hating? The very notion is contradictory at best, and ludicrous at worst.
Oh my god! I'm such a fun-loving person! What an amazing revelation.

-- 90% of personals ads
by VonZippa June 18, 2004
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