A complete set of assets. For example, nice tits and ass.
"Man, her body's slammin'!"
"Nice booty... and titties to feed the 3rd world."
"Yo, she's got a full set."
by Neko Rahmen March 5, 2008
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An accident, usually involving a mechnaically-propelled vehicle, which is sufficently serious to require the attendance of all emergency services; police, fire service, paramedics, tow truck, and in extreme cases a mortuary van.

The perpetrator of the incident is said to have "collected the full set".
"Sorry I'm late, some idiot in a sports car had decide to collect the full set on the exit ramp of junction 15"
by eighthofseven January 20, 2008
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my dada don't have fullset elysia
full set elysia is a good valk, but dada don't have it
by omgjojo12 September 16, 2021
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