You know what they are. Drinkers of blood. Human blood. Not animal blood, and then say your 'vegetarian'. Nope, real vampires are allergic to sunlight, and if they do come into contact with it, they do not sparkle...ever. Thus, Edward Cullen is not a vampire, if anything hes the pussy vampire who gets beaten up by all the other vampires for being different.
1: Dude I read this book about vampires..

2:Don't say it. Twilight is not a book about vampires.

1: Nevermind then..
by ALPHABET SOOP May 26, 2009
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A blood-sucking mythical creature who is NOT a sparkling douchebag in a fucking tree. Vampires are way more badass than that and shouldn't appeal to prepubescent girls who think they're so scene for liking it.
Aww man, that Twilight shit. That's not a vampire. That's what we call a homosexual.
by KKNWNDRLND December 29, 2009
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1. A sanguivore is the kind of vampire with the need for blood. These guys are the real kind, but are mortal, have a reflextion, and are only SENSITIVE to light. They can go out in the sun and eat garlic and touch roses so get that fairytale crap out of your head. They need blood, though. They don't neccesarily LOOK like a vamp or have the folklore vampire lifestyle. AKA a sang vamp.

2. A psy vamp feeds off of energy rather than blood. Sometimes a sang vamp is short on food and resorts to psy techniques. AKA an energy vampire.

3. A vampyre looks like one a vamire, but doesn't neccesairly need blood. A vampyre is "into" the whole vamp thing and can be considered to have a vampire fetish, but doesn't need blood and might not even be into that area.

4. Awakening is when a true vamp goes through a "puberty" of sorts and realizes what they are.

5. Turning is when a normal person becomes a vamp through a scarcely known techinque.

6. Blood Fetishists don't need blood and AREN'T vampires, they just LIKE it, whether it be sexual or just for kicks and giggles.
Vampires aren't modern-day Draculas, they are much more complicated.
by everyrose October 30, 2005
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A demonically possessed corpse, contrary to popular culture. They can appear in any way, not just a tall Romanian gentleman. They are super humanly strong and smarter than most, along with overall enhanced abilities. They can be countered with religious icons, roses, holy water, silver, garlic and other such objects.
Twilight is a lie. Vampire's aren't anything like that.
by L. Marshall June 11, 2009
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A crazed fangirl who believes that she is, in fact, one of Stephanie Meyer's vampire characters in the most plot-lacking book published in 2006, Twishite. Will often pretend that she has Insomnia and make herself look pale with the use of make-up. Likes to believe that she lives in depression due to issues that have come up in her life. Will do anything to defend Twilight.
Non-fan: Twilight sucks.

Nf: It has no plot.
Fg: Your face has no plot.
Nf: Vampires suck.
Fg: *sets other crazed fangirls on Nf*

No exp. needed.
by Geekseason2 August 30, 2009
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An (perceived by its victim to be) attractive and charming person who continually creates and thrives on unrequited sexual tension and drains emotional and vital energy as well as material resources from the victim.

The vampire frequently will retain the same donor for months or years without giving anything of the aforementioned energies in return, or setting the victim free to pursue a mutually nurturing relationship.

The victim often, over time, demonstrates near-matrimonial devotion and will develop something resembling true love for the vampire master.

The vampire frequently does not understand how they have fed at all, nor how near death their victim actually is, and contrarily thinks that the relationship somehow benefits their victim.
Showtime original series "Weeds":

Nancy (role of vampire) and Andy (role of vic)
by shadowmagnet February 08, 2013
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Those who feed on energy.. There's two types: psi (also known as pranic) and blood (also known as sanguine). A person can be both. Sanguine vamps take in energy through blood, they get their blood from donors; who are ready, willing, and have been tested for dieases and such in the blood... psi vamps pull energy out of people and into themselves, through visualation. We are not immortal, we are not dead, garlic does not hurt us anymore than it hurts you, the sun can't kill us; but for some is irritating (extremely for me..), and anybody can be killed with a stake.... duh.
www.slad.net is a very, very good vampyre support site, for vamps, donors, friends and family.
by Kaycee December 25, 2004
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