1. A non-sparkling, straight, scary, sun-fearing creature.
2. The opposite of the creature described in the Twilight books.
3. A series in fantasy/horror literature that has been ruined by a series called Twilight.
4. Not a vegetarian
"That vampire is pretty scary!"
"I'm glad he's a vampire, not a sparklepire!"
by anna_animagus May 23, 2010
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A vampire is a human who feeds on blood (more recognisably human blood): they are better known to be drinking blood at night due to their sensitivity to sunlight.

Vampires use many tactics to achieve blood; mostly by luring their prey into the trap (sometimes into bed, other times into a secluded area), then taking that swift bite (usually when they're asleep or weakened).

Becoming a vampire is achieved through the transmission of the saliva from a vampire. This is done via feeding (which is done to the neck most often).

Anyone can become a vampire: a child, a man and a woman: even the elderly - providing the person was not completely drained of blood.
Once the virus has been transmitted, it will take about three days for the virus to take hold (new organs being made, traits and attributes being modified etc.)

Vampires look exactly like a human; just the incisors bring out the change. This works extremely well prior to attacking the victim.

Vampires are portrayed to have weaknesses - the most likely ones are to silver, or to garlic (or garlic extracts). Sunlight should be deemed as a sensitivity due to the number of vampires being able to transcend through the sun.

Dracula is a good example of a traditional vampire; but for more modern vampires; the film series of Blade (Blade 1, 2, and 3) should be reviewed

NB: They are weak to UV light; not dissipated in the definition.
by Demonic-Humanoid August 13, 2008
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Vampires are characterized by the following attributes:

1. They are undead, meaning that they have died, but risen again as creatures with tremendous strength, but also a weakness to various things, including garlic, sunlight, and crucifixes.
2. They are consistently extremely malicious, and seek out humans for one or more of the following purposes: to kill and eat, to use as cattle that they consistently drain small amounts of blood from, and/or to turn into more vampires.
3. A vampire has no conscience. Vampires may recognize people that they knew while alive, but they have no emotional response associated with this recognition, other than bloodlust.

Also, some kids dress up as vampires and refer to themselves as "vampires..." but actually they are just human high schoolers with too little homework.
TWILIGHT FAN: Edward Cullen is a vampire.

DRACULA FAN: No. No, he isn't.

TWILIGHT FAN: Shut up! What do you know?! You were born in the late 1800s!

DRACULA FAN: This is true.
by Bertoffski April 01, 2009
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A badass, classic monster. It resembles a human, except for it's long, sharp fangs, and unusually pale skin. It lives on blood, sucking it from it's victims by biting them, usually on the neck. Similar to a zombie, the victim either dies, or turns into a vampire.

A vampire sleeps in a coffin during the day, as it will burn in the daylight. It is also often associated with bats.

Not to be confused with a sparkling little fucking FAIRY that stalks girls in high school 1/8 their age.

Boy: Please die..

This is an example of how the Vampire has been tainted forever.
by Name removed by the NSA December 13, 2013
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1 (Literal definition). A fictional monster of myth and legend that sucks blood and burns in sunlight and holy water. They are undead and their status as a vampire is highly contagious, due to the fact that a vampire's bite on the neck will turn the victim into a vampire, thus causing a vampire breakout. A vampire will sleep in a coffin by day and come out at night to feed on human and/or animal blood. They tend to have a high relation to bats, as they have capes that slightly resemble bat wings and they can transform into a bat. Vampires typically wear formal white suits or other uniforms; pairing them with black shoes, red bow ties, and a large, black cape. A vampire bites its victim in the area in between the neck and the shoulder, and it has large, menacing fangs; extremely pale skin, and, occasionally, claws.

2 (Personal definition). A creature that began to turn un-cool after the release of the piece of crap that they call a book "Twilight." Edward Cullen and Stephanie Meyer completely turned vampires into pretty-boy, non-human-blood-sucking, sparkly, twiggy wimps. A vampire is supposed to BURN in sunlight, not sparkle in it; a vampire must kill everything, not go 'Oh, I'm so wimpy that I'm not gonna hurt humans.'; a vampire must be evil, not nice. The modern definition of Vampire is now "A little lover creature that sparkles in sunlight and will not hurt humans." I swear, I hate Twilight for messing up the true meaning of the word "vampire."
1. Oh my God, Drake, a vampire just bit me! I think I'm going to turn into one! OUCH!

2. Oh, look at me, I'm a pretty fairy.
by TheReshiram December 19, 2010
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A person who subsides solely by feeding off of other people. They use others parasitically and offer nothing in return.
"She stayed at your place, used your stuff, ate your food and just ghosted you? What a vampire."
by Skitch360 July 03, 2017
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A person who eats a girl out on her period (bloodied-tampon eaters included)
Girl: Chad it’s my time of the month again
Chad: Time to be a vampire
via giphy
by prolificterror April 02, 2019
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