A person like me (in a book that I'm writing) with fangs and pale skin. Who ever the vampire is, can't go in sunlight, can be killed by fire, a wooden stake, and the radiation from the sun. They also need to drink animal or human blood. In the book I'm writing, I only drink human blood straight from the jugular if there's a special occasion. Other than that, in the book, I bite rabbits or drink human blood that I got when I raided an abandoned blood bank because there was a zombie apocalypse caused by North Korea. Plus, the vampires in my book DON'T sparkle or go out in daylight because the sunlight will kill them. Plus, they sleep in coffins and don't fall in love with humans. Instead, they flirt with humans, bite them to get their blood, and leave. If the victim is the same gender as the vampire, the vampire will try to make friends with their victim, then drink their blood.
Person: Lili you're a vampire because you drink to blood. Hold on a sec, I've lost my hitmarker.
Me: Whateves I'm going to go play Call of Duty in my basement and noscope all the bots.
by Bloodthirsty Vampire November 13, 2017
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1. A being that exists in FICTION. Usually nocturnal, most of the vampires created by literature in the twentieth centuries are rather BAMF, and a select few 21st century vampires carry the BAMF gene. If it sparkles, it's Emma Frost, you Twilight fancreeps.
2.There is a subculture made up of those who believe that they are actually vampires. Think of that what you will.
1. Dracula is the king of all vampires, and Edward Cullen is the illegitimate child of Emma frost and a mildew spore.

2. Julia is now calling herself Hekate and drinking 'blood'. She insists that she is a vampire.
by SilawenGreenleaf July 3, 2011
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A vampire is a human who feeds on blood (more recognizably human blood): they are better known to be drinking blood at night due to their sensitivity to sunlight.

Vampires use many tactics to achieve blood; mostly by luring their prey into the trap, then taking that swift bite in the neck.

Becoming a vampire is achieved through the transmission of the saliva (venom) from a vampire to its prey. The vampire usually bite on the preys neck.

Anyone can become a vampire: a child, a man and a woman: even the elderly - providing the person was not completely drained of blood.
Once the virus has been transmitted, it will take about three days for the virus to take hold (new organs being made, traits and attributes being modified etc.)
After becoming a vampire you are cold skined, pale, and your eyes have a red tint to them.

Vampires look exactly like a human; just the incisors bring out the change. This works extremely well prior to attacking the victim.

Vampires are portrayed to have weaknesses - garlic (or garlic extracts) makes thier throat and nose begin to burn and thier stomach feels like it just shrivels up and dies. They also get a really bad migraine. Vampires are sensitive to Sunlight. It makes there skin burn. **NONE OF THE WEAKNESSES ABOVE WILL KILL THEM!!**
That person is so pale they could be a vampire.
by Alexander & Roxanne April 5, 2009
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"Man you see the new twilight Vampire Movie?"

"No there just a bunch of life size maxi pads"
by mrsmileysentme February 29, 2012
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Extremely beautiful creatures with perfect features, gold and black eyes, and drink blood. They are very strong, fast, and can have extra gifts like reading minds or seeing the future. The only way to kill a vampire is to rip them to shreds and burn all the pieces.They sparkle in the sun and do not sleep in coffins or at all for that matter. They can live off of animal blood if they choose to do so. They can eat human food to fool humans but must cough it back up later. They also do not age and they don't need to breath. These types of vampires are known from the world wide bestseller Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.
The Cullens from the Twilight series are very beautiful vampires.
by Ang n Bella June 13, 2008
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v: The act drinking something too fast for your mouth to swallow, causing it to spill out the corners of your mouth and down your chin, thus making you look like a vampire.
person a: *takes a big gulp of his drink and it dribbles down his chin*
person b: "You just vampired your drink! What a party foul!"
by Gect July 1, 2010
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