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dude: Cool! Porn.
chick: This is that new vampire show on HBO, True Blood
dude: Oh, that's why there's so much blood everywhere.
(awkward looks are exchanged)
by 73H L337 H4X0R!!1 July 1, 2010
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Slang for a prostitute. Someone who escorts your dick- to their vagina. (most of the time)
Escort is just another PC (politically correct) term for someone who sucks/fucks for money. Just exchange it with "prostitute".
by 73H L337 H4X0R!!1 November 4, 2010
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Phonetic spelling- Uh-nntz; The sound in every. techno. song. EVER. Aptly named because it sounds like someone saying "untz/unts" in a low tone. The classic "untz/unts" is generally repeated incessantly throughout said techno song. If you heard techno, you know what I'm talking about.
1, 2, 3, and 4 are occurring in parallel-

1. untz/unts untz utnz utnz untz untz untz untz untz
2. the system- is down- the system- is down- the-
3. fast erratic drum beat- fast erratic drum beat-
4. loud siren, quiet siren, loud siren, quiet siren,-
by 73H L337 H4X0R!!1 April 23, 2011
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The Sega Dreamcast was a game system made in 1999. Due to many bad decisions, the system was abandoned in around 02'. They are as cheap as dirt now, (about 20$) and considering iso's of many can be grabbed for free, and the majority of the library can be had for super cheap at game exchanges that stock old games, it makes it an easy purchase.
Person 1: Lets get a bag of potato chips and play some Marvel vs Capcom 2 on my Sega Dreamcast!
Person 2: Fuck yes.
by 73H L337 H4X0R!!1 October 15, 2010
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An extra paper plate that you grab to put under the first to add reinforcement (in case it gets soggy, deformed, etc). Some of the time, one will keep the reinforcement plate, and only replace the top plate. The same can apply to cups.
Bob: Hey, Steve! I can't help but notice that you keep grabbing 2 or more plates everytime you come back up to get some mashed potatoes.
Steve: Oh, those are reinforcement plates.
Bob: Okay, but could you stop eating all the chicken?
by 73H L337 H4X0R!!1 July 12, 2010
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insert name here is a like, a TOTALLY HAWT guy/girl, who stands out among their friends, and has a great personality. They have a HUGE dick/tits and give a great eat out/blowjob. Once you lay your eyes on a(n) insert name here, you know you will hav it g00d 2nite!
Dude 1: "Shit! Not another insert name here definition"
Dude 2: "Who the fuck writes a definition about a name..."
by 73H L337 H4X0R!!1 July 3, 2010
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A model citizen, and someone who we all should strive to be. Zombies don't hide behind their insecurities or lie to other people. They just want your brains. They don't need to exaggerate to make anyone feel better, but instead, being the upfront creatures that they are, make a bull run for your delicious flesh. They don't waste away life by making false friends, finding a girl or guy zombie only to be led on, and drinking their entire life to ease the pain. Nay, they do what they want (eating brains) at any cost, being shot in the head, blown up into a million pieces, being clobbered with blunt objects. But at the end of the day, battered and beaten, the zombie finds a way to moan and get on with his life. Isn't that the true secret to personal fulfillment?
Zombie 1: "Braaaaaaiins!"
Zombie 2: "Brains?"
by 73H L337 H4X0R!!1 November 4, 2010
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