someone who stays up late at night like 1am.
-That kid is a vampire stayin up all night playing WOW (World of Warcraft).

-That clerk is a vampire working night shift and sleeping throughout day time.
by vampirekid September 02, 2009
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low creatures can't suppress their instincts & lust .. but maybe people like that darkness & loneliness which vampires live in
by Ro@R February 25, 2009
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Also known as 'vamphyri'. A mythical, undead, immortal, parasitic monster that feeds on the blood of living humans in order to animate itself. This is done via fangs, or the less-used method sucking the blood through the skin's pores. A single bite can transform the victim into a vampire. Vampires are unable to physically procreate as their bodies remain frozen in time from the moment they become 'undead'. Sunlight is a vampire's mortal (and on occasion fatal) enemy, as vampires are "creatures of the night". Vampires can be killed by sudden or prolonged exposure to sunlight, dismemberment, wooden stakes to the heart, and by fire. A stake must be put through the heart of a vampire's dead victim and their head must be severed from the body, or they return as full vampires. Vampires cannot enter a home without being invited in first. They have no reflection in mirrors. They also cannot cross running water (unless it is in their own homeland). Rumored to be weak against garlic, holy water, and crucifixes. Also rumored to have illusionary shapeshifting abilities as well as the power of flight, mind-reading and hypnosis. May or may not sleep upside down or in coffins.
Such vampires in fictional literary works such as that of Briam Stoker, Anne Rice, Laurell K. Hamilton, Brian Lumley, and John Steakly. See also vampires in works such as Van Helsing, and John Carpenter's Vampires.

(Not to be confused with necrophiliacs, humans with blood fetishes, or delusional high schoolers.)
by L/F October 26, 2008
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Started by Dracula. Raped by Twilight. Thanks Stephanie Meyer. Bitch.
random guy-Dude vampires are the shit!

Random twilight bitch- Oh em jeee!! yuo shuuld reed twilitez

random guy- i shouldn't

random twilight bitch- *starts crying*
by Listen to SLAYER!! October 28, 2009
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The action of having sex with a girl while she is actively on her rag then, subsequently, having her go down on you. The blood dripping from the sides of her mouth after this action will cause her to look quite similar to the famous creature of the night.
"What!? She told me she was on her rag!"
"She was, but I used it as an opportunity to try out the vampire."
by DirtySan December 07, 2009
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n. A person who uses your electronic device to power their electronic device.

v. To plug into another person's device to power your own.
My iPod's dead. I'm going to vampire off your laptop.
by Stormneedle March 06, 2010
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NOT EDWARD...more like Dracula, Louie, or Lestat.
They don't sparkle, and the usually dont fall in love with ugly homey looking teenagers.

They are protayed in movies to drink blood, kill, nocturnal creatures, and very old.
REAL EXAMPLE FROM MY SOPHOMORE ENGLISH CLASS:dumb blonde "Dracula,vampire? Oh you mean like twilight"

meh "you dumb cunt, Dracula could destroy bella edward and those dumb werewolves with his pinky in less time then you could say 'twilight sucks', but if you're really that deprived of the world or a brain then yes like twilight."
by Lilith Rose April 30, 2009
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