To perform cunnilingus while the receiver is on their period, like how a vampire sucks blood. This act, if performed right, can be a very erotic experience and can even get rid of stress and menstrual pain!!
Fred: Yo! Where in da hell were you last night??
Jack: Oh, I was just vampiring Sarah, that`s all.
Fred: Damn yo! Dafuq is wrong with you!?
Jack: Nothing`s wrong with me, it was actually quite pleasurable, and I made her cum too!
Fred: You is damn kinky!!
Jack: And "you is" a damn retard! And besides, she really needed it!
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Something that does not sparkle.
Dracula is a vampire, but Edward Cullen is a fairy.
by lacunainc May 14, 2009
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Immortal being that subsists on blood. Legend says the Only way to kill a Vampire is with a wooden stake thru the heart but an Original Vampire can Only be killed with white oak.
A Vampire can have kids with a human so then they're 1/2 Vampire, 1/2 human~hybrid. Vampires are out at night & avoid daylight & sunshine.
by Starchylde August 27, 2016
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The vampire legend comes from the the Greek Mythological creature, Empusa, which is a creature that has the upper body of a ghost, a leg of a donkey, and a leg of bronze. Empusa fed on the blood of young men, creating the vampire legend. So therefore, vampires do NOT sparkle. Those are fairies.
Oh, that creature is defiantly a vampire.
by bookworm0503 May 11, 2011
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A dark and mysterious, yet honorable race of mythical, undead beings. Made famous by works such as Bram Stoker's Dracula, Kouta Hirano's Hellsing, Konami's Castlevania games, and regrettably, the Twilight series.

Vampires full characteristics are often disputed, but several facts remain consistent.

1. Vampires consume the blood, and in some cases the being's life energy, through blood vessels.

2. Vampires lose control of themselves as their thirst levels increase, so a starved vampire could potentially exhibit feral behavior in their blood-lust.

3. Vampires have an aversion to the garlic plant and religious symbols, especially a Crucifix, Holy Water, or Communion Wafers, as well as exhibit hypersensitivity to the sun's ultraviolet rays.

4. Vampires have super human abilities, to the point that some can travel vast distances in matter of seconds and can slick through concrete with their fingernails.

5. Vampires have the ability to change form. Various forms chosen include bat, rat, mist, and human-like.

6. Vampires exhibit control over living beings. Vampires have the ability to seduce humans, as well as master-servant relationship with other members of the animal kingdom, including wolves.

7. Vampires are shown to live by a code of sorts. For instance, a vampire is unable to enter a human domicile without permission from one of the inhabitants, but not necessarily the owner.
Person 1: *knocks on door*

Person 2: Hey pal! What brings you by on such a lovely Sunday night?

Person 1: I just was in the neighborhood and thought I should stop by.

Person 2: While you're here, would you like to stay for dinner?

Person 1: Sure that sounds delightful. Might I be allowed to enter?

Person 2: What are you, a vampire?

Person 1: So is that a yes, or...

Person 2: Spaghetti's on the table, but only if you come and join us for prayer first! :D

Person 1: On second thought, I just remembered I'm late for my dentist appointment...
by InspectorMoonlight November 12, 2015
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a great subculture and ledgend on the verge on ruin due to the popular mainstream phenomon known as 'Twilight'
by Var effing Sinler December 30, 2009
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1: One whom drinks the blood of others, be it animal or human. Not to be confused with cannibalism or sarcophagy as no tissue is consumed.

2: Term describing Vlad Tapish, or Vlad the Impaler (1431-1476) and Erzebet (Elizabeth) Bathory (1560 -1614), the Bloody Countess of Csejthe: both notable historicaly for the consumption of blood. Dracula is a name based off the Order of the Dragon, or Order of Dracul, which Bram Stoker used as his vampiric character based loosely on Vlad the Impaler.
1: Jill tore the end of the medical bloodbag and poured some of its contents into a crystal glass. Thus, vampire.

2: The Bloody Countess slaughtered over six hundred virgins, practiced vampirism and bathed in the blood of her victims. Once captured, she was confined to a single room in the tallest tower of her castle and was held prisoner by the Hungarian court untill her death at age 54.

3: Dracula owns.
by LuciusDu`LamiaiMelusine October 23, 2005
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