A friend of mine told me about the Origins of how vampires came from. It started off as that vampires were people with rabies, you know people bit by animals that have rabies. These people with rabies foam their mouth, act animal-like into terms of bite other animals or humans in the neck, sucking blood from two holes created by their fangs. Like to live in darkness because they either developed a pupil or retina capable of nocturnal vision or just like darkness.

They are afraid of light, obviously because it can nearly blind their vision to see, they like to see in darkness or their eyes are not adjust to the sensitivity of light. Some examples are shining metals or objects, mirrors, and sources of light(like the sun). They are afraid of water because they either want to stay dry, hypothermia, or hygiene issues.

Now I don't know how people with rabies can grow fangs that can be of 2 inches or more...The religious things tide into destroying vampires...well, I don't know how that got started but light can kill vampires, I think.

Vampires may originate from people contacted with rabies, not sure if that's the case, but you may prove my information is nonsense or dislike opinion.

The transformation of the bat, I don't know how that came from. Not all vampires are evil.
Vampires from twilight saga are not real vampires.

First of all, vampires don't really have red eyes(you can prove it to me scientifically), they are supposed to morph into bats and become quick killers. Any sources of light seem to not affect them or kill them, they seemed impervious to light. Lastly, I don't know if vampires have powers or not maybe they do.

Vampires are respected and feared, but twilight saga has made them an insult to their kind.
by Fruityogos September 9, 2010
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someone who stays up late at night like 1am.
-That kid is a vampire stayin up all night playing WOW (World of Warcraft).

-That clerk is a vampire working night shift and sleeping throughout day time.
by vampirekid September 2, 2009
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A dark and mysterious, yet honorable race of mythical, undead beings. Made famous by works such as Bram Stoker's Dracula, Kouta Hirano's Hellsing, Konami's Castlevania games, and regrettably, the Twilight series.

Vampires full characteristics are often disputed, but several facts remain consistent.

1. Vampires consume the blood, and in some cases the being's life energy, through blood vessels.

2. Vampires lose control of themselves as their thirst levels increase, so a starved vampire could potentially exhibit feral behavior in their blood-lust.

3. Vampires have an aversion to the garlic plant and religious symbols, especially a Crucifix, Holy Water, or Communion Wafers, as well as exhibit hypersensitivity to the sun's ultraviolet rays.

4. Vampires have super human abilities, to the point that some can travel vast distances in matter of seconds and can slick through concrete with their fingernails.

5. Vampires have the ability to change form. Various forms chosen include bat, rat, mist, and human-like.

6. Vampires exhibit control over living beings. Vampires have the ability to seduce humans, as well as master-servant relationship with other members of the animal kingdom, including wolves.

7. Vampires are shown to live by a code of sorts. For instance, a vampire is unable to enter a human domicile without permission from one of the inhabitants, but not necessarily the owner.
Person 1: *knocks on door*

Person 2: Hey pal! What brings you by on such a lovely Sunday night?

Person 1: I just was in the neighborhood and thought I should stop by.

Person 2: While you're here, would you like to stay for dinner?

Person 1: Sure that sounds delightful. Might I be allowed to enter?

Person 2: What are you, a vampire?

Person 1: So is that a yes, or...

Person 2: Spaghetti's on the table, but only if you come and join us for prayer first! :D

Person 1: On second thought, I just remembered I'm late for my dentist appointment...
by InspectorMoonlight November 11, 2015
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Also known as 'vamphyri'. A mythical, undead, immortal, parasitic monster that feeds on the blood of living humans in order to animate itself. This is done via fangs, or the less-used method sucking the blood through the skin's pores. A single bite can transform the victim into a vampire. Vampires are unable to physically procreate as their bodies remain frozen in time from the moment they become 'undead'. Sunlight is a vampire's mortal (and on occasion fatal) enemy, as vampires are "creatures of the night". Vampires can be killed by sudden or prolonged exposure to sunlight, dismemberment, wooden stakes to the heart, and by fire. A stake must be put through the heart of a vampire's dead victim and their head must be severed from the body, or they return as full vampires. Vampires cannot enter a home without being invited in first. They have no reflection in mirrors. They also cannot cross running water (unless it is in their own homeland). Rumored to be weak against garlic, holy water, and crucifixes. Also rumored to have illusionary shapeshifting abilities as well as the power of flight, mind-reading and hypnosis. May or may not sleep upside down or in coffins.
Such vampires in fictional literary works such as that of Briam Stoker, Anne Rice, Laurell K. Hamilton, Brian Lumley, and John Steakly. See also vampires in works such as Van Helsing, and John Carpenter's Vampires.

(Not to be confused with necrophiliacs, humans with blood fetishes, or delusional high schoolers.)
by L/F October 26, 2008
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A demonically possessed corpse, contrary to popular culture. They can appear in any way, not just a tall Romanian gentleman. They are super humanly strong and smarter than most, along with overall enhanced abilities. They can be countered with religious icons, roses, holy water, silver, garlic and other such objects.
Twilight is a lie. Vampire's aren't anything like that.
by L. Marshall June 11, 2009
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You know what they are. Drinkers of blood. Human blood. Not animal blood, and then say your 'vegetarian'. Nope, real vampires are allergic to sunlight, and if they do come into contact with it, they do not sparkle...ever. Thus, Edward Cullen is not a vampire, if anything hes the pussy vampire who gets beaten up by all the other vampires for being different.
1: Dude I read this book about vampires..

2:Don't say it. Twilight is not a book about vampires.

1: Nevermind then..
by ALPHABET SOOP May 26, 2009
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NOT EDWARD...more like Dracula, Louie, or Lestat.
They don't sparkle, and the usually dont fall in love with ugly homey looking teenagers.

They are protayed in movies to drink blood, kill, nocturnal creatures, and very old.
REAL EXAMPLE FROM MY SOPHOMORE ENGLISH CLASS:dumb blonde "Dracula,vampire? Oh you mean like twilight"

meh "you dumb cunt, Dracula could destroy bella edward and those dumb werewolves with his pinky in less time then you could say 'twilight sucks', but if you're really that deprived of the world or a brain then yes like twilight."
by Lilith Rose April 30, 2009
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