When you finally get to fuck the girl you've wanted for a long period of time. Once landed: Vaginally!
"Dude did you finally fuck Stacey?" "Yes!" "Dude...Vaginally!"
by Stevie LaLa June 06, 2015
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The Engineer class from Team Fortress 2 that has a mouth that looks like a woman's vagina, speaks backwards, and usually is seen in gmod videos.
Team Fortress 2 gmod vagnia Engineer Vagineer
by DohEntertainment February 28, 2010
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From the movie "Borat". It is another word for vagina. More specifically, it can be used to describe third-world vagina.
"...but one time my brother get her vagine."
by Von Bon November 17, 2006
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The act of exploring a vagina for recreational purposes.
I lost my watch when I went vagineering with my girlfriend over the weekend.
by madnis July 28, 2008
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After close examination, Peter was diagnosed with lockjaw, brought on by severe and repeated Vaginalism.
by little ned February 24, 2010
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