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The Engineer class from Team Fortress 2 that has a mouth that looks like a woman's vagina, speaks backwards, and usually is seen in gmod videos.
Team Fortress 2 gmod vagnia Engineer Vagineer
by DohEntertainment February 28, 2010
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a vaginal engineeer; also known as "gynocolegist."
Girl, get yo' cottage cheese bagina checked out by a vagineer.
by Antsy April 04, 2004
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It describes one who is an Engineer of the Vagina.
Guy 1: Dude, I heard from that girl that your good with the vagina!
Guy 2: That's because I'm a regular Vagineer.
by naoslabs January 22, 2011
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A person who received a Bachelor of Science in Vagriculture from Cornell University, writing a thesis on non-chemical alternatives to Vagisil, for whom the pressure of loan debt required a career progression into vaginal reconstruction.
Mary: "I just had twins, naturally, and while my pussy aches and requires secondary treatment by a vagiculturalist, I still want to be tight."
Allen: "You should consult my vagineer, Dr. Twatfixxer."
Mary: "Is her a vagitarian?"
Allen: "Vagan, in fact."
by Mumble Tumpkin May 09, 2018
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a person who specializes in and is well versed in the exploration, navigation, mechanics and inner workings of the human vagina.
He was a fucking vagineer with my pussy, he made me cum four times.
by Vedgefucky January 15, 2019
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