From the movie "Borat". It is another word for vagina. More specifically, it can be used to describe third-world vagina.
"...but one time my brother get her vagine."
by Von Bon November 18, 2006
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slang for "vagina" as coined by Borat
"Her vagine hang low like a wizard's sleeve"
by J-dog, K-dog December 10, 2007
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“oh shit i just banged my vagine on the corner of the table
“omg i know has badly that hurts”
by babyyyyyyygirl March 18, 2020
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(v) to bleed from the vagina
Inflected forms: vagined, vagining
Aw, man! Josh Babcock vagined all over my sofa!
by BeardedFatass December 11, 2002
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Small cute vagina not of a child ,but of a grown as women.
That porn star had a cute a vagine i wonder how deep it is.
by ExileGrin October 5, 2014
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vagine; to be a jerk, or when somebody is not nice to people.
it applies to friends, or co workers only. this word is not to be used lightly. vagine can also mean someone that wont do something that you want him to do.
-come on i dare you!
- no i dont want to
- wow you are such a vagine

other example:
-hey kid! ur an idiot!
- dont be such a vagine
by aquietostrich October 26, 2010
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The Engineer class from Team Fortress 2 that has a mouth that looks like a woman's vagina, speaks backwards, and usually is seen in gmod videos.
Team Fortress 2 gmod vagnia Engineer Vagineer
by DohEntertainment February 28, 2010
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