another word for vagina, a way to say vagina without most people knowing what you're talking about.
One of my favorite pass times is pleasuring my girlfriend by means of the va-jay-jay.

That bitch better shut the fuck up or she is gonna receive a swift kick in the va-jay-jay.
by spoons November 20, 2004
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A pet name for the vagina, coined by a college student in the bathroom of a Panera Bread in 2008.
And it came to pass that she passed urine through her vajayjay.
by now unsheltered October 13, 2008
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Originates on Austin Powers 2 or 3, referring to a womans front bum.

Then used on many shows including Oprah & Greys Anatomy apparently!
Betty: Wanna play with my Vajayjay?

Phil: No, i'm making Tagnutella...
by MuzzaMan69 December 28, 2010
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definition 1. n. slang: an abbreviated form of the word vagina. considered more appropriate when used in discussion by workplace professionals and elementary school teachers.

definition 2. proper noun: A girly Indian male. esp for those named Vajinder.
janitor: Hey Ms M, what's happening? how's that problem with the va----

Miss M: NO! Please! there are children around. (softly) My vajayjay has stopped excreting yellow-green malodorous discharge. I was treated for trichomoniasis.
by New Jack Hustla September 07, 2008
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