a person that is really good at fucking the baddest bitches of all time
yo did you hear that nathan is a va”
by Ev23Shaffer April 28, 2020
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i reside in va,
ride in va,
most likely when i die,
ima die in va
by brit May 1, 2004
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Various Artists
by Anonymous September 9, 2003
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Veterans Affairs, in reference to the VA clinics, the VA is BS.
Good luck veterans, I can speak from experience.
At the VA you cannot find a place to park, you need surgery on your right leg, but they end up amputating your left arm, tell me how this works?
You have an appointment at 8am, you finally get seen at 4:27pm, they tell you have to have x-rays and blood work, unfortunately the lab and radiology closed, you have to return tomorrow. WTF?

by US Vet February 29, 2008
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i come from the big VA, so listen to what I gotta say.
by Anonymous February 6, 2003
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A French cognation of the verb aller (to go). In essence it means go. Used to express...well, go.
Va-t'en! (Go away!)
Va-t-il t'embrasser ce soir? (Is he going to hug/kiss me this evening?)
by Borg April 14, 2005
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