a phat wet warm teenage vagina
that chic probly has a nice va-jay-jay
by s0o0o wat January 10, 2009
I ate out her va-jay-jay.
by steve March 24, 2005
(slang) n. (Vuh-j-j) 1. Vagina. 2. I dont' really know a second definition but this longer extended second one makes me look smarter.
Everybody laughed at him because he has a va-jay-jay
by Brennan Riddle April 26, 2006
A non-offensive term for vagina. It is believed to have been originated, or at least first recorded by acclaimed hip-hop artist MC Paul Barman and later introduced to the lexicon of the wider public by Oprah Winfrey.
hooray for va-jay-jay
by Tiger Max August 7, 2008
slang refrence to a vagina.
That slut's Va Jay Jay was tight as a virgin's.
by edavid May 11, 2007
vagina, just another name though
dude look at the va-jay-jay on cherokee
by shrum March 4, 2008