another word for vagina, a way to say vagina without most people knowing what you're talking about.
One of my favorite pass times is pleasuring my girlfriend by means of the va-jay-jay.

That bitch better shut the fuck up or she is gonna receive a swift kick in the va-jay-jay.
by spoons November 20, 2004
A legendary vagina. Said to fit a hundred cocks at once, and heal wounds with its magical menstral juice. One can only hope to obtain this great vagina through a dungeon full of trials and tribulation, found in Samuel L Jackson's basement.
I will one day hope to stick my big cock into the great Va Jay Jay
by Standford August 15, 2006
First used in "Grey's Anatomy", "Oprah", and "The View". They were all made fun of on a show called "The Soup". Oh, and it means vagina for the wimps who can't even try to say it.
Girl: I hate having my period 'cause then my va jay jay hurts.

Guy: Wimp....
slang for vagina, vay jay jay is usually used by Opera, and i like da vajayjay, mmmmhummm. i got one!
My Va jay jay be painin!
by Dr. Yo Mamma Phil February 17, 2008
A womens private part... When its hairy and it smells like carne asada!!
Your moms va jay jay looks like chubacka's face and makes the same noise(GRRRRRRRRRRRR)!!
by Turis November 23, 2007
another name for a girls vagina
abby and laura send pictures of their va-jay-jays because they’re friends with benefits!
by Noahs sister March 22, 2018
When a girl lets her pubic hair grow out and has a giant bush there. It's popular among many girls.
Alex Haley- ''Yo I heard she had an untamed va jay jay''
Cory- ''Yea man its mad hairy''
Alex Haley- ''Good thats the way I like them
by Catspajamas123 January 17, 2011