That used condom left the party without telling me, I had no way of getting home.
by Darkeststar January 02, 2011
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A fucking used condom is a condom that has been up a man/woman's pussy, ass, mouth whatever the fuck you with it, and it come's out all wet and warm because of you sperm you fucking little nasty ass moo cow.
"Dude! I saw a used condom in the park! Who the fuck does it there?"

"There were used condoms all over your mom last night."

"My girlfriend figured out I was cheating on her because she found a used condom in my room and we haven't had sex for a month."
by AD1DA5 June 24, 2006
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The worst of worst disses, this means that your super gay and like to have "gay butt sex" with other men and there has never been a successful comeback to this statement, and you also like wiener in your butt hole.
by longrodvanghugeendong October 26, 2010
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the subliminal message to help protect humanity from the rise of anymore morons. Educate and make the world a better place before bringing more lives to this Earth.
Buy USE A CONDOM t-shirts at
by Anyomous182 March 11, 2012
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Excellent advice that is totally obvious. The advice is a complete understatement.
Father: "When you go skydiving, don't forget to use your parachute."

Teen son: "Thanks dad...and remember to never use a condom more than once."
by yes juanito yes March 29, 2015
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The act of placing(rolling) a latex or lamb skin apparatus down the shaft of the penis from the glans or head in which keeps semen in and disease out. 99.98% success of preventing pregnancy and imperative when not in a monogamous relationship for the safety it provides against diseases and unwanted pregnancies.
I am going out with that girl we met last week.

There will be some condom using after our date this evening.
by Thewoods February 14, 2016
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