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A person who pees the most often
Went on a family road trip and Mom needed to go to every road stop to pee as she is the Urinator
by Doozieoozie June 21, 2018
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A urinal that splashes your shoes and the front of your pants with pee when you flush it.
Dude!!! Don't use that urinal on the far right because it's a urinator!!!
by Telephony October 24, 2010
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one who dives under water in search of something, as for pearls; a diver (from L. urinare < urinor, to plunge under water, dive)
In Latin there is a curious twist in that whereas urina means β€œurine,” the verb urinare means β€œto dive,” and to the Romans a urinator was a diver - an example of a deceptive cognate.

Two species of this bird (the loon), Urinator imber and the red-throated diver, Urinator lumme, frequent our northern waters.
by tsuwm February 11, 2011
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n: a person (usually male) who pees into bottles, drinking cups and other assorted containers rather than walk down the hall to use the toilet.
I was astounded to find the collection of piss-filled containers left behind by the Urinator.
by AnnHedonia June 17, 2009
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A electronic urine substitution device that allows you to pass a drug test.
Dude my parole officer called i have to go into tommorw for a drug test, can i use your urinator.
by gogle bob July 10, 2006
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What you might call the male penis because most of the time it's used, you expel micturition (piss, pee, poddy, etc.) out of it and into a urinal, toilet, bottle, cup, and so on where it can (hopefully) be disposed of.
Hang on a moment Dominique, I need to deal with my urinator before we go to the fag bar.
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by Telephony October 05, 2018
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