An interjection, being a contraction of '(Lord) love me'. Used to express surprise or dismay in circumstances where 'bloody hell' or 'holy fuck' might not be appropriate.
Girl: We're going to have a baby!
Boy: Lumme!
by londonstudent October 17, 2006
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a phone case that is used to take great selfies
billy has a lumme
by sharks28 October 25, 2016
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To be chill or relaxed. To be kept to yourself when need be.
That's one lumm dude, acting like he doesn't even care.
by TheLummGoon July 26, 2015
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The lumme is a common Danish rodent. It is brown, long and ferret-looking. The lumme is especially close related to the badger. Many people tent to confuse it with a hamster.
by Traviss and Rando April 11, 2012
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