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When one reaches their limit and can no longer last and has to urinate, but does not have the time to complete the job, so they drain off the minimal amount to allow them 15 more minutes of life before repeating the process again. This is often caused by standing in line for concert tickets, important business meetings, opening Christmas presents or talking to your best friend on the phone.
Dude, hold this ice-tea and don't lose our place in line to get the Kenny-G tickets, I have to take a Micro-Urination behind that police car.
by Goatoghillgary December 19, 2016
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A loud, powerful, blasting series of farts let in sequence immediately upon awakening from the nights sleep. It is recognized by a sharp crackling sound that emulates the 21 gun salute from an M1 Garand color guard and carries the odor of the nights meal. A real man lets this fart in front of his woman without a care of whether she hears this or not.
Honey, what in the world was that sound? I think I just lost part of my hearing as I awoke from a deep sleep, I thought we were being shot at.
That was my morning salute woman, get used to it you will be hearing it a lot around here.
by Goatoghillgary December 18, 2016
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A fart that once left never seems to go away even after 8 years.
Dude, you farted in my car last week and the smell of that bad boy still lingers, Bro..I know, its called an Obama Fart it sticks around after you let it and can last up to 8 years.
by Goatoghillgary December 19, 2016
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Any Pajama tops and bottoms that have a continuous print of Obama's smiling face though-out are Obama Pajamas.
Dude, you shouldn't have, I am speechless...I don't deserve these as a present....thanks for the Obama Pajamas
by Goatoghillgary December 19, 2016
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A group of people that have committed their lives to farting excellence and are Purveyors of farting. Pushing new boundaries and establishing methods of deriving specific odor, power and punch as well as lingering presence in the area of farting. The COFE has established an international scale for judging and scoring a fart called the COFE scale(1-10) with 1 = a literal non-fart and 10 equaling the atomic bomb blast of Hiroshima. The COFE also offers classes that spreads knowledge on how to fart, what to eat to produce specific farts. proper times to fart and the COFE scale. Much like knowledge for making and juding fine wines.
Dude, that was the nastiest, room clearing, toxic fart I have ever witnessed, what is up with that. Son.. I learned it all at the Center of Farting Excellence. I was once as you, without farting knowledge, but have been enlightened, you too can become proveyor of farting through the Center of Farting Excellence.
by Goatoghillgary December 16, 2016
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When you walk into a restroom and all the toilets have chipotle childs in them, you have just stumbled upon a chipotle orphanage.
Dude, I went to take a crap and all the toilets had unflushed chipotle childs in them, this place must be a chipotle orphanage as no one is claiming them.
by Goatoghillgary December 02, 2016
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A nasty, toxic, deadly fart that stuns and blinds victims as it carries a heavy scent of onion/sour cream and lingers for hours once released. The recipe for this fart is one small bag of sour cream and onion potato chips mixed with a beverage of your choice, let brew in your belly for at least 2 hours and you are ready to release.
Bro, what is that smell, I cant see and I am nearly ready to collapse it is so bad? Dude that is a "Sour Cream and Onion Delight" and yours truly launched that bad boy. Let me know if you want the recipe.
by Goatoghillgary December 16, 2016
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