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The awesomely amazing girl she is not interested in boys but boys are interested in her she loves makeing new friends .she is amazing at sports she loves the colour blue and black and Hates pink , lucky number is 10 .she loves music .she is very funny and unnati's are mostly popular at school she is very prety from both out side and in side she sometimes goes crazy but her friends love it when she she goes crazy she is very kind and loves basket and is very good at football though she hates sports .
Person 1: Look the coolest girl unnati is here .
Boy :omg I'm in love with her

Boy 2:shut up unnati is my crush
by Zorss the thruthfllll November 28, 2017
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Unnati is a really pretty girl .She is funny and the coolest kid in town .She hates boys and loves the colour black she is truthful and thrusting She is modest .She loves football and basketball
by Millions8899 November 07, 2017
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Unnati is a Hindi word which literally means progress / development / advancement.
It is also a Hindu name for girls.
Better education and healthcare at the grass root level are essential for India's Unnati.
by sugar_spice77 December 17, 2015
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The awesome girl who has a crazzy love fr the color pink. Who is really vindictive so DO NOT mess with Unnati's!!!!
She does crazy talk, likes basketball and HATES doing homework!!! Unnati's LOVE money $$$.... They ADORE chocolate!! When walking past a chocolate shop they always stop and point at it! Isn't that awesome ???
They love withe and glassy houses so daddy watch out!! Unnati's can be really modest and hey love sleeping (zzz...).
They CANNOT be woken up by alarms, so daddy and mommy have a hard time waking Unnati's up!!! :D
They love Panda bears!!!
Unnati's are much, much, much more than this!!!
You love pink and panda bears together you are SO an Unnati!!!
by PinkLover!!! December 01, 2012
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A really good hearted person , who never betrays a friend , always helps everyone with everything and is a really trustable person , A unnati always puts a smile on your face and they are externally attractive but never make an unnati angry you know why ??? Cuz they can fight
Person1- you’re soo popular

Peraon2- Are u a unnati ?
by Sia Rathi .. May 31, 2019
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The name of an Indian girl, who is usually thin, has curly hair and weird teeth. Unnatis are often known for crazy talk, and their unexplained obsession with dinosaurs. They usually support teams like Arsenal in the European football Leagues, even though they have no chance of winning.
OMG! you like the dino park?? You must be an Unnati.
by SharkytheShrink May 15, 2011
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The coolest girl , they usually get all the hot boys
Person1 - look at that hot girl

Person2 - she is definelty an unnati
by Sia Rathi .. May 31, 2019
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