A quality or state of which aims to hurt others, or get revenge after being hurt by somebodies actions; somebody who always wants the last word.
Chris and I had an argument, I am being vindictive by getting back at him and not talking to him.
by Matt February 18, 2004
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exacting revenge by really really putting it to someone by means of praying for them or killing them through excessive generosity and/or kindness.
You vindictive woman, no wonder he manipulated you.
by Vin Nguyen March 28, 2017
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A willful act of being vindictive, hateful, or vengeful
1)Her vindiction is going to get her in trouble one day.
2)Oh My God, I can't believe you would behave with such vindiction!
by Cheerios for breakfast October 3, 2007
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Full of vindict. Searched for when challenged that vindfictful is a word by their vindictive friends. It is not a word. You lose, sir. You get nothing. Nothing!
vindictful isn't a word idiot
by Vindfictful Nick December 25, 2015
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The force or drive one has in doing an activity.
Showing such vindiction during the election allowed the electors to see what determination he had, and for the winnings to be in his favour.
by Brie December 21, 2004
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To be addicted to the MMORPG Vindictus.

Can also be used as vindiction, which is an addiction to Vindictus.
GURRRRLLLLLLLL! Bree, Maggie, and I are so Vindicted right now that we haven't left our houses in 3 days.
by Slutty Ass Bitch March 27, 2011
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