The only thing separating two people from a good time. It is found on men as boxers that do a poor job of concealing what lies underneath. It is found women as panties that are sexy as hell no matter if you can see under them or not. Underwear can be removed easily by dragging them down from the waist and past the feet. However, they are removed even more easily by grabbing them by both sides and, with a swift and rough motion, yanking them hard enough until they have ripped completely off the person. Believa. Only then shall you obtain the prize beneath, whether that be a penis (or Elephant) or vagina.
My underwear is black with a single white stripe. My girl rips them off when she's being feisty and we stay up all night.
by Ellisniss MGP January 17, 2010
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Your undergarments, or for people who don't know what undergarments are the clothes under your shirt, pants, or dress
I forgot to wear underwear today Larry!
by RazbowWolf August 12, 2017
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The word underwear is commonly known as the undergarment worn for both men and women down below beneath clothes. This more modern definition means "to understand." This common noun has now become an adjective in the world of "slang" to describe comprehension.
"I do not underwear what's going on." - This sentence simply is translated to "I do not understand what's going on."

Variations of the word "underwear" exists to better express various degrees of understanding. For example, if one barely understands a situation, they may say "I rubber-band underwear" showing that they literally - BARELY underwear whereas someone who understands partially may say "I thong underwear."

Variations are left for the user to experiment with.
by WessTigga January 15, 2011
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The undergarments a guy wears just about anytime other then when hes knows hes about to score. They are barely holding on to life and could only be identified as underwear by either the owner or a person with a creative mind. Unlike famine underwear, men will wear this for an indefinite period of time until said garment vaporizes.
Just put on my favorite pair of underwear and it disintegrated
by inspectah gadget April 17, 2010
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the stuff that hangs out of ur pants if ur cool
guys sag their pants to show their underwear
by MR August 1, 2003
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a fart destenchilizer that protects jeans from skid marks
Bobby pooped in his underwear.
by dundlegrundleberrycherry February 28, 2003
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Item of clothing used to stabilize one's genitalia and/or ass cheeks.
Tell your mom to come get her underware from my bedroom floor.
by Ass Clown November 4, 2002
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