From the TV show South Park. They steal underpants in order to make profit. They even educate children on how profit works. Here's how:
Stage One: Steal Underpants
Stage Two: ???????
Stage Three: Profit!
by funwillfunwill June 15, 2015
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1. Underpants Gnomes are small beings that come to Tweek's room at 3.30 in the night to steal his underpants, Tweek sees them, because he can't sleep - ever !

2. The gnomes steal underpants to make profit. How ?
Like this:
1. Collect underpants
2. ?
3. Profit

3. They even have a working song, like the 7 dwarfs.
Time to go to work !
Work all night !
Searh for underpants hey !
We won't stop until we have underpants!
Yum tum yummy tum hey !

Watch South Park, season 2 episode 17 - Gnomes

Tweek : They're taking my underpants!

Kyle : Will you stop with the Underpants Gnomes, Tweek, we have to work her..
by Rikke K.. November 9, 2006
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The Underpants Gnomes are mystical creatures that bring you back all of your missing nugs at the most opportune times. Whether you lost your frosty green nuggets during a fumble in the car, or you lost your whole sack during a drunken rampage, the Gnomes are sure to bring back what is rightfully yours in due time. If they happen to give your pot to someone else, do not worry, for the Gnomes are fair and will reimburse you at a later time.
They dwell anywhere that you may have been smoking pot, but these honored creatures never show themselves. Regardless, they must be thanked and honored when they present gifts.
"I dropped a couple nugs on the ground right here and they just vanished! WTF!"
"Ah bummer bro, it was probably the Underpants Gnomes."

"Fuck yeah, check this loud loud I just found under my seat! Must've been the Gnomes."
by The_Hemperor February 17, 2014
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1. Small creatures from South Park that have to go to work. They work all night and they search for underpants! They won't stop until they have underpants.

Why do they do that you may ask..For profit of course. They have just not quite figured out phase 2.
2. They can mostly be observed in Tweak's room all hours of the night.
phase 1-get underpants
phase 2- ??????????
phase 3- $$$PROFIT$$$
by Tweak's coffee July 7, 2005
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An underground group of elite gnomes who conspire to reap huge profits from the theft of underpants.

Their diabolical scheme has thus far gone undetected, but with a growing wave of underpants shortages across the western U.S, expect the price of underpants to surge to unimaginable levels.
"No i did not forget to pack my underpants, the underpants gnomes stole them."
by basscrr November 12, 2008
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did you ever loose a pair of underpants? well those damn underpants gnomes come and steal them in order of world domination...of the underpants world.
Holy shit...ahhhhhh...there arter me again...shit...god...goddamn you underpants gnomes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by TwEEk18793&*%$$#! June 5, 2003
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