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These are creatures who we humans may or may not believe in. They can live anywhere, look like anything, and possibly do things we never dreamed was possible. most of the animals are related to magic which is why most humans have never seen any.
the yeti, loch ness monster, bigfoot, unicorns, goblins, sprites, fairies, etc. are all examples of mystical creatures.
by Mrs. Cullen July 05, 2008
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Mystical creature was a little mystical creature the size of my penis. Mystical is one of many alter ego's of the famous toxic mike, (aka mysterious). Mystical was grown up in a clean house hold, every thing was very tidy, and he loved to play with his brothers like hs liked to bone his mom up the ass. His mother was a huge boner who liked to eat chodes. One night her tampon leaked and it went into mystical's mouth. Mystical didn't like the taste of blood but he really like the taste of the tampon. Mystcial procceeded to chew like it was bublicious gum! MMMMMMMM MMMMMMM good, it was as tasty as cambells soup! Mystical then contracted "Toxic shock sydrome" and died on impact.
by Mysterious Passion May 07, 2004
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Patrons that come out showing support for a wife that should not be screwed over by a shady sob
The mystical creatures came to my rescue when my CF aka sob threatened me to gain advantage.
by Maryofmagdelene June 18, 2018
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