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They will arrest you for metaphorical crimes that no one actually understands.
Karma police, arrest that man! He is talking in maths and buzzing like a fridge, and I believe he is a detuned radio(head.) And arrest that girl! Her Hitler hairdo is making me feel ill.

Oh, uhh...for a minute there I lost myself.
by funwillfunwill March 09, 2016
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When playing "got your nose" and you go too far. This can end up with deformed noses and the affected person may one day grow up to be a serial nose abuser himself.
Voldemort got nasally abused as a kid. Don't judge the man.
by funwillfunwill June 14, 2015
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A phrase spoken after dat boi says "here come dat boi." The phrase and meme were popularized in April 2016.
Here come dat boi!
O shit waddup?!?
by funwillfunwill May 16, 2016
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Their old songs are combinations of the Killers, The Postal Service, Death Cab, classical music, and pop-punk. Weird combination, but it worked. After every single member left, Brendon Urie is now the only member, so he experimented with electronica to mixed success.
Panic! At the Disco was one of the most original bands of the mid 2000s. Now they aren't the worst band around but if i had to listen to one modern day alt-rock song, it would probably be by the Black Keys
by funwillfunwill January 18, 2016
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On YouTube, any song that someone doesn't know. If you ask what song it is (especially on gaming videos) everyone will tell you "Darude-Sandstorm"
*Goes to comments section on Halo 5 trailer
User1: What song is this
Me: Its knights of cydonia by Muse!!!!!!
User2: No its not Matt Bellamy is stoopid. This is darude-sandstorm
by funwillfunwill November 15, 2015
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A man who is good with the ladies. Can have cool haicut.
He's a real dorchen!
by funwillfunwill March 25, 2015
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1. To be madly in love
2. To be cured by a medication
3. Song by Red Hot Chili Pepper off the album "By the Way." The song uses Dosed as a play on word, where it means both cured and fallen in love.
Dosed, by the Chili Peppers:
Way upon the mountain where she died
All I ever wanted was your life
Deep inside the canyon I can hide
All I ever wanted was your life

I got dosed by you and
Closer than most to you and
What am I supposed to do
Take it away I never had it anyway
by funwillfunwill January 22, 2016
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