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This is a character for a TV series named "SouthPark" This character is twitchy and is always drinking coffee and blurting our noises and conspiracies. He is also in a homosexual relationship with Craig Tucker after tons of people loved the slash so the creators made it happen.
Craig: You should stop drinking coffee Tweek.
by IsYaBoiSam May 23, 2016
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Verb. A side effect of extreme over indulgence in crystal meth or crack cocaine. Tweekers typically perform OCD-like activities centered around finding small quantities of drugs that were inadvertently "misplaced". Tweekers may be seen on all fours, searching in gutters, obsessively looking under various objects and so on. In certain circumstances, extreme tweeking resembles autism or catatonia.
by Slagathor April 23, 2004
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A character from the TV show "South Park". Tweek is the ADD kid, who is constantly twitching. He often rants and raves about things that only he sees, and is addicted to coffee. Tweek is in love with Craig, and they sex each other.
Wow. Tweek sure has sex with Craig a lot. It's hot.
by The Lord Of Spam February 16, 2006
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losing oneself in a senseless task while under the influence of speed.
She would tweek all night cleaning the house and pulling apart electronic devices.
by chillcat May 29, 2003
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the nervous ticks or twitching one experiances as they come down from a crystal methamphetamine binge.
pulling hairs out of their face; picking at their face; picking their nose...
by a former tweeker November 28, 2003
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