This is a character for a TV series named "SouthPark" This character is twitchy and is always drinking coffee and blurting our noises and conspiracies. He is also in a homosexual relationship with Craig Tucker after tons of people loved the slash so the creators made it happen.
Craig: You should stop drinking coffee Tweek.
by IsYaBoiSam May 1, 2016
To be high and see something that is not not present.
I was driving around I started tweeking , I thought I seen someone on the road
by URBAN HOODS January 20, 2015
Gay. Twitchy. Spaz. Loves Craig, Kenny. An adorable bean. GAH!
“Oh my god, Tweek and Craig are holding hands” gasped a random person on the street
by ThatSouthParkYaoi July 1, 2018
A character from the T.V show "South Park". He has very messy blonde hair and supposedly sufferes from A.D.D but his twitching and nervous personality is due to the large amounts of caffeine he consumes. In Series 6, Tweek became the main characters replacement for Kenny, alongside Butters, after he "permeanantly" died at the end of the previous series.
"Tweek's the worst character ever."
"Yeah. Worse than Towelie."
by Issy Aidsfunop January 15, 2006
A smol chubby talented gay babey.
Appears on southpark. He's addicted to coffee and meth, and loves to play the piano. He's a good singer.
He and Craig Tucker are a couple. Like I said earlier, he gae.
TweekXCraig is my favorite episode!they were so gay in it! Especially Tweek!
by The_emo_bunny_ August 9, 2019
Similar to a Gleek, the Tweek is the Twilight version. Geek + Twilight = Tweek
OMG I am sooo excited to go and see the new Twilight movie, I'm such a Tweek!!
by Sazilicious July 2, 2010
To pinch or flick...

"I tweeked her nipple and she tweeked my clit with her tongue."
by Junebug December 14, 2005