when your smoking weed, u get an initial high for about 10 minutes. then phase 2 kicks in and u go crazy and cant think straight. after phase 2 kicks in ur completely blazed
bob: yo this weed isnt that good dude.
mike: hell yeah it is dude just wait for phase 2
by grayb August 11, 2008
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the act of getting an erection esp. due to visual stimulus and especially during the most awkward times
Brando: "oh man that chick is hot, i hope you can control yourself, bro"
Will: "OH CRAP"
Brando:"PHASE 2 PHASE 2!!!!!"
by alphabassdrummer August 3, 2007
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After you smoke some weed, you get a little giddy. Then Phase 2 comes and you get completely stoned and start really feeling baked.
Dude are you high?

A little bit, I'm waiting for phase 2.
by Gray July 26, 2008
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a park inside the gated community of Palm Meadows leading a double life. By day, the park is used by little children to play while their stay at home moms gossip. By night however, the area is a hotbed for drug use and teen sex.
"dude are you going to phase 2 park for the party tonight?"
"dude i totally fucked her in phase two park"
"my god man we drank so much in phase two park"
by Shivownz and Marcos February 8, 2009
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Wearing LITTLE GIRL AND LITTLE BOY CLOTHING and utilizing baby products.

MENTAL HOSPITAL setup backfiring
BEVERLY CLEARY who died age 104 who wrote CHILDREN'S BOOKS abd met her husband age 64(ASSH0LE);said , " wear any clothes you want to" as seems to me here even if HOMOSEXUAL places use "the excuse " as don't wear those clothes "but you see somebody else wearing them at HAWKS which happened all the time and they knew about it as it is clearly as this has been done to ALAN I WALDMA.N ANAL ALAN at HAWKS GAY SPA for q long time is clearly TRANSGENDER ENTRAPMENT PHASE 2 as they want to keep impressing their first step.of HOMOSEXUAL ENTRAPMEMT.

The experiential psychology of hating HOMOSEXUALS continued by the staff but some breaks where he used psychology after a little SEXUAL INTERACTION with this guy in a wheel chair " which he said to me , "I LOVE YOU" and he meant it as wanted meb to SUCK HIS COCK , LICK AND SUCK his BALLS and RIM HIS ASSH0LE which I did where there was a HOMOSEXUAL intervener tried to cause TRANSGENDER ENTRAPMENT PHASE 2 but I asked him if he wants more sex to COME TO MY BED where he was about to be clued in by this spoiler I was a PEDOPHILE but I convinced him at the time and came to my bed given him a PONNI SAN MATEO MENTAL HOSPITAL RIM J0B but while I was taking food as he said don't take it all as FOUND A REASON TO PUNCH ME but it did not hurt but people knew how dangerous he was as security continues their instigation games (jealously of intelligence is their problem) and anyhow "I LASHED OUT WITH ACTING" , they transferred him when he himself got angry.
by .MANDATORY SHITEATER April 28, 2022