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when your smoking weed, u get an initial high for about 10 minutes. then phase 2 kicks in and u go crazy and cant think straight. after phase 2 kicks in ur completely blazed
bob: yo this weed isnt that good dude.
mike: hell yeah it is dude just wait for phase 2
by grayb August 11, 2008
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After you smoke some weed, you get a little giddy. Then Phase 2 comes and you get completely stoned and start really feeling baked.
Dude are you high?

A little bit, I'm waiting for phase 2.
by Gray July 26, 2008
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the act of getting an erection esp. due to visual stimulus and especially during the most awkward times
Brando: "oh man that chick is hot, i hope you can control yourself, bro"
Will: "OH CRAP"
Brando:"PHASE 2 PHASE 2!!!!!"
by alphabassdrummer August 02, 2007
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