1. Over the edge
2. wordWhacked/word
3. wordWhipped/word
by NYOB August 26, 2003
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to be so totally drunk that your practically passing out.
phoebe: i'm far gone mate
alice: im so far gone im lost
by phopho and aliche February 09, 2007
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Very in love.
I tried to tell her that Jack was no good, but she's too far gone to listen.
by robotmad March 28, 2010
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When a person has been so absorbed in what he/she believes to be true, that no amount of reality, logical or factual explanation or actual proof, to show them that their believe is 100% wrong, will convince him/her otherwise.

The acronym "tfg" is mostly used. (Especially used in political discussions)
Your logical explanation of the facts are falling on deaf ears, because he is too far gone!
by Mike585421 December 02, 2018
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When a single individual is beyond the point of sobriety that he/she is no longer on this planet
“Jimmy can’t have another drink, he is just too far gone

“I tried to smoke another bowl, but I was too far gone”
by Theweirdestusername November 17, 2018
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The best mixtape period. This mixtape is a million times more lyrical than some rapper's albums, and a trillion more than pretty much ALL other rappers mixtapes. It has songs for everybody. For the people who want to hear some straight rap check out Lust For life, November 18th, Congratulations, Successful, Uptown,Say What's Real, and ignorant shit. For those who want some R&B crooning check Best I Ever Had, A Night Off, Sooner Than Later, houstatlantavegas, and Brand New. For white people and hippies check out Little Bit & Lets Call it Off (which can grow on black people). The only bad track on there is Bria's Interlude which is just plain weird. And there's also the Outro, but that's just Drake saying "Are We Done" then the rest of it's just a relaxing piano instrumental. This mixtape is good enough to be an album, and better than a lot of albums.
And Promoters tryna get me out to their club/ And say I'm having fun, but I can't imagine how/ Cause I just see my ex-girl, standing with my next girl/standing with the girl that I'm fucking right now/ And shit could get weird, unless they all down/ so i stay clear, we from a small town/ and everyone talks, and everyone listens, but somehow the truth always ends up missing.

-Say What's Real, Track 8

Me: You listen to that So Far Gone mixtape

Ignorant Kid: Naw mane, I listening to Hurricane Chris, he straight gangsta, he's the truth.

Me: The dude who put out A Bay Bay and Halle Berry

Ignorant Kid: Yeah, those are the anthems that reach across the hoods of america, boi, and u just be listening to Drake who is fake as can be.

Me: .................... Wow! (amazed at his ignorance and stupidity)
by J-hunt da Prodigy July 25, 2009
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When a member of a team has pregamed way far beyond the game and reached the post game highlights. Usually a lightweight person.
Rick: Yo broski, Katie Garrity is too far gone!!

Chaz: Yeah brosophocles, but she only pregamed with like 4 shots.
by ChadBroChills January 29, 2011
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