a grizzly old dude with a beard wearing a hoodie and talking to himself. Does not carry a cell phone and screams at people using their crappy bluetooth earpiece on the phone in a quiet public place.
The weirdest thing happened to me today.


This unabomber dude started screaming at me in the library while I was talking to my friend about The Regis and Kelly Show!
by Turgid Member April 5, 2011
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Ted Kaczynski, the man who killed and maimed innocent people rather than fighting the machines.
The unabomber never had someone watching him use his macbook.
by click! June 8, 2009
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A person who refuses to use "new" technology, such as cellular phones, microwave ovens or the internet, for reasons ranging from pure laziness or technological incompetence to a form of pathological anti-technological snobbism.

Originally a man named Theodore Kaczynski who plotted to kill anyone contributing to techological advancement.
- I've waited for twenty minutes. Why didn't you call me?
- I don't have one of those portable phones.
- Dude, you're such a unabomber
by Gvprtskvini December 13, 2009
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The act of a foreigner taking a lumpy dump in your bathroom sink, filling it with warm water then inviting their refugee friends over for soup.
You sent us another Nigerian Unabomber, I thought you did background checks on these people.
by Ranchgirls December 6, 2020
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When a guest takes a dump in your bathroom sink then fills it up with warm water and invites the rest of his refugee family over for soup.
So the current exchange student is a total Ugandan unabomber, don't you guys do background checks on these people?
by Ranchgirls December 6, 2020
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Glasses sometimes worn by people who listen to PUNK ROCK! \m/

They resemble the glasses worn by Phil Laak of the world poker tour. They're cheap, plastic, durable glasses, usually with huge lenses also made out of plastic.

Here's how the name came about (hypothetically) The Unabomber resembles Phil Laak of the world poker tour, who wears those glasses, which is why its called Unabomber glasses.
2) A Skate team in the UK is called Unibomber, and the glasses were named after them.
3) Peeps just straight up called it Unibomber glasses cause it sounds damn sexy.

Since they're so cheap and easy to find, unabomber glasses are a favorite among Neo Nazis. Heil Bush!
Steve's going to the show in Unabomber Glasses. What a silly goose.

I broke my unabomber glasses! I have to get another 5 set from the dolla store!
by Z0MG S3X April 26, 2005
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Unabomber (sexual) - When you are fucking your girlfriend at a sex party with a strap on in the missionary position, and as she sinks into the ecstasy of the moment she closes her eyes and stretches her arms above her head. Then when no one is looking, the short skinny guy who is wearing the hoodie all zipped up and acting all paranoid, pulls his penis out of his pants and drops his package (penis) in her hand without asking her or letting her know that it was coming.
I was banging my girlfriend at party, very much into each other and the moment when this guy gave her right hand a unabomber.
by Arch Bagger June 17, 2022
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